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Jaburg Wilk Cooks Dinner for Bereavement Support Group

On February 29th, Jaburg Wilk employees cooked dinner at Hospice of the Valley for 60 people participating in Ryan House and New Song Center for Grieving Children's Enduring Ties, a bereavement support group for the families of Ryan House who have lost a child to assist their transition to the future.  The group is held twice a month and is a very important time for the parents and siblings as they go through different workshops each session to learn to cope. 

Jaburg Wilk made baked ziti, salad and provided cookies and pies. The employees had a great time cooking and can't wait to do it again!


Jaburg & Wilk Foundation

Jaburg & Wilk Foundation

The Jaburg & Wilk Foundation is a non-profit foundation committed to enriching the quality of life for the residents of Arizona by fostering private giving and strengthening smaller service providers. To this end, the Foundation awards grants to local non-profit organizations involved in the arts, education, children, at-risk programs, and other community-based efforts. The Foundation grants are awarded after approval of the Grant Committee.

Community Grant Guidelines

Priority is given to:

  • Well-run, financially sound organizations. For example, strong board participation and stable management, diverse source of revenues and earned income opportunities.
  • Organizations whose mission and proposed project address a current and proven public need for people living and/or working in Maricopa or Pinal counties.
  • Applicants that demonstrate strong community support for their organizations and its projects. For example, diversity of other funding sources and community resources or number of diverse participants in the program, project or organization.
  • Organizations that show an effective and efficient delivery of program services. For example, greater than 80% of the organization expenses are spent on program services.

Applications may be submitted at any time to info@jaburgwilk.com.