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  • Is an Insurer's selection of an Appraiser important?

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    Hi, my name is Nate Meyer, I'm a partner at Jaburg Wilk. My primary practice areas are insurance coverage in bad faith, commercial litigation, and professional liability.

    Appraisal of First Party Property Claims in Arizona - Part 2: Is an Insurer's selection of an Appraiser important?

    Absolutely. An insurer's selection of appraiser is critical for our least two reasons. First, if the appraisal … Read More

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  • Be a Mensch, Not a Jerk

    JW Way Fundamental #16: Don't be a jerk - always take the high road. "Maintain professionalism at all times. Keep emotions under control. Advocating forcefully for the interests of our clients does not require bullying, condescension, foul language, or temper tantrums. This applies to co-workers, opposing counsel, and vendors. Always be a “mensch”. "

    This is wise advice, and certainly makes many of … Read More

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  • Are Non-Compete Agreements Enforceable in Arizona?

    In Arizona, non-compete agreements may be enforceable if “reasonable.” In determining whether a non-compete is “reasonable,” courts evaluate several factors, none of which are controlling. The factors are:

    Duration. In determining whether the duration is reasonable, courts evaluate how long it would take to find and properly train a replacement. For some types of employees, it may only … Read More

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  • Jaburg Wilk Supports Dress for Success

    PHOENIX, Ariz. (11/15/2019) – The law firm of Jaburg Wilk was pleased to once again be the Golden Ticket Sponsor at Dress for Success Phoenix’s recent 11th Annual Suit for the Stars Gala.

    Dress for Success has suited more than 13,000 women since their inception in 2009 with a value of more than $1.3 million dollars. They actively collaborate with agencies to assist women to become job ready and retain … Read More

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  • Dream Focused

    I have an old t-shirt from a concert I attended years ago. On the back it says “dream focused.” I had not worn it in a while, but happened to pull it out this week. At the same time, I received an email from a friend who said I need to write about the power of dreaming. Coincidence? I say inspiration!

    Dreaming is powerful. Whether as a child or now, dreaming can take you to another place, or place you … Read More

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  • Modifying Arizona Spousal Support Orders

    Spousal maintenance can be either modifiable or non-modifiable. Generally, when a spousal support order is the byproduct of an agreement between the spouses, after the divorce decree is entered, neither one of the parties or the Court can modify the duration or amount set forth in the support order. Thus, one of the benefits of resolving spousal support through settlement is the certainty that the terms of the … Read More

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  • Jaburg Wilk Supports Feeding Matters 2019

    PHOENIX, Ariz. (11/12/2019) – The law firm of Jaburg Wilk was pleased to be a presenting sponsor of Feeding Matters 7th Annual community lunch fundraising event. Jaburg Wilk is a longtime supporter of Feeding Matters, and this was its sixth luncheon sponsorship.

    Founded in 2006, Feeding Matters is committed to partnering with families and healthcare professionals to raise awareness and understanding of … Read More

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  • Can Your HOA Say No to VRBO?

    In the not-so-distant past, if you wanted to get from one place to another without a car of your own, you would call a taxi, with your only choice being which of the many taxicab companies to call upon. Now, of course, calling a taxi is scoffed at as being “old fashioned” and overpriced, with many, if not most, people opting to instead call Uber or Lyft, or some other rideshare service. Likewise, it … Read More

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  • Separating Your Desire For Personal Validation

    JW Way Fundamental #9: Leave your ego at the door . "At all times, stay focused on serving the needs of our client and our firm, rather than on serving your ego. Remember – it’s about the client and our firm, not you!”

    When we urge litigating clients to seriously consider a settlement offer, we usually remind them of one thing: the uncertainty of trial. We can rarely predict with any degree of … Read More

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  • Employment Non-Competition Covenants- What Law Applies and Why The Answer To That Question Is So Important

    Many Arizona employees are often subject to non-compete agreements, or “covenants,” in which the employee agrees in advance to not compete with his or her employer for some time after leaving or being terminated by the employer. These covenants may also include an agreement that the employee will not solicit the employer’s customers for a time after the employment ends. Employers may use these … Read More