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  • New Arizona Anti-Deficiency Laws Clarify Intent to Utilize

    By Lawrence E. Wilk

    Arizona anti-deficiency laws were recently amended by the Arizona legislature and will become effective January 1, 2015.  Previously, the two laws, A.R.S. § 33-729 and A.R.S. § 33-814, generally provided that a loan secured by a parcel of property of 2½ acres or less, which is utilized as a one or two family dwelling, is not subject to a deficiency claim if the fair market … Read More

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  • Arizona's Minimum Wage Increases in 2015

     By: Gary J. Jaburg, Esq.

    As of January 1, 2015, the minimum wage in Arizona increases to $8.05 per hour. In 2006, the Raise the Arizona Minimum Wage for Working Arizonans Act became law.  In part it provides for annual increases in the Arizona's minimum wage.  Increases to Arizona's minimum wage are based on cost of living increases using the Department of Labor, Consumer Price Index of All Urban … Read More

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  • How Do I Get Out of this Practice?

    By Douglas O. Guffey

    For years the goal of many young doctors was to gain ownership in their medical practice entity.  For many, when the time came for them to “make partner,” they signed on the dotted line without fully understanding the legal relationships involved and the consequences if things did not work out as planned.

    Now we are in an environment of sharply declining reimbursement rates … Read More

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  • Three Important Components of the Family Medical Leave Act

    By Kraig Marton and Jeffrey Silence

    In 1993, President Bill Clinton signed the Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”), which allows employees time off from their job to bond with their children, care for ill family members, or recover from their own serious health problems — all without fear of losing their job.   The FMLA entitles employees to a total of 12 weeks of unpaid leave during a 12- … Read More

  • How Much Do I Know About Insurance and Arizona Business?

    By Beth Cohn 

    Is there one insurance policy to cover all of my risks?

    No.  Insurance is the sale of certain risks in exchange for a premium.  No policy buys all the risks a business faces.

    How many policies do I need?

    Generally speaking, a business should have a general liability policy, coverage for automobiles used in the business and worker’s compensation insurance.  But there are … Read More

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  • What is a Qualified Domestic Relation Order ("QDRO") and why does it matter in my divorce case?

    By Mervyn Braude

    As with all community property, retirement assets are subject to division upon dissolution.  Therefore, that portion of any and all retirement assets accumulated during the course of the marriage must be divided.

    There are three primary categories of retirement assets – IRA (Individual Retirement Account), 401(k) and pension assets.  While the first of these assets can be divided … Read More

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  • Jaburg Wilk Paints South Phoenix Home

    On Saturday, November 15, Phoenix business law firm Jaburg Wilk participated in the 501(c)3 non-profit organization New City Phoenix’s Painting Blitz to revitalize the marginalized neighborhoods in South Phoenix. 

    The firm painted the home of an 80 year old widow who was excited to have her home painted cream colored with red trimming. 

    “Jaburg Wilk and its employees look for ways to give … Read More

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  • Jaburg Wilk Attorney to Present at ‘Working with the Court of Appeals’

    PHOENIX, Ariz. (Nov.6, 2014) -  Arizona business law firm Jaburg Wilk’s appellate attorney Kathi Sandweiss will be presenting at the State Bar of Arizona’s annual ‘Working with the Court of Appeals” (WCCA), a CLE taking place on Friday, November 14th at the Hotel Palomar in Phoenix, Arizona from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

     Sandweiss is presenting the first seminar titled ‘How Not … Read More

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  • Arizona Court of Appeals Recognizes Right of Publicity While Protecting Free Speech in Precedent Setting Case

    By Maria Crimi Speth

    For the first time ever, an Arizona state court has recognized that individuals enjoy a right of publicity that protects them from the unauthorized use of their name or likeness for commercial or trade purposes. In its April 24, 2014 decision in Reynolds v. Reynolds, the Arizona Court of Appeals recognized the right of publicity and determined that right survives the individual’s death … Read More

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  • Damron Agreement or Stipulated Judgment Got You in a Bind? Arizona Supreme Court Considers Binding Effect of Fact Stipulations on Insurers in Quihuis v. State Farm

    By Nathan D. Meyer

    In Quihuis v. State Farm, --- Ariz. ---, 334 P.3d 719 (Ariz. Oct. 1, 2014),[1] the Arizona Supreme Court recently held that a stipulated fact in a Damron Agreement that is both an element of liability and essential to establishing coverage does not bind an insurer in subsequent coverage litigation.  In so holding, the Supreme Court clarified that stipulated facts in Damron Agreements … Read More

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