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  • Know Who We Are Because You Need a Network to Succeed

    That's right. You need to know others to succeed. You need to know and have guides or mentors. You need to know your peers. You need to know your competition. And you need to start knowing these people from day one. Or if you did not start then, start today!  


    There are many ways to go about this. You can network with others alone or at events, collecting business cards and email addresses. … Read More

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  • Be Yourself

    If we all were the same, the world would be a boring place. This is a favorite saying of mine. And it's true. There always are "in" jobs and professions. I am sure most of us think of the tech space as in and seem impressed when someone has a job or internship with a Google, an Apple or similar tech related businesses. 


    For instance, you hear terms such as entrepreneur or startup all the time. … Read More

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  • Arizona Court of Appeals Confirms “Subcontractor Exception” to “Your Work” Exclusion Does Not Apply to Additional Insured General Contractor Seeking Coverage For Defective Work of Named Insured Subcontractor

    In Double AA Builders, Ltd. v. Preferred Contractors Insurance Company, LLC, --- P.3d ----, 2016 WL 7508079, *1  (Ariz. Ct. App. Dec. 30, 2016), the Arizona Court of Appeals reversed the trial court’s grant of summary judgment in favor of an Additional Insured General Contractor and found the “subcontractor exception” to the & … Read More

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  • Federal Appellate Rule Changes

    The amendments to the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure,  effective December 1, 2016, arise, for the most part, out of changes in technology.   Some of the amendments refine prior Rules that, while taking into account technology, were nevertheless skeptical of its efficacy and reliability.

    Service by Electronic Means

    For example, it is now acknowledged that service by electronic means … Read More

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  • Sanctions and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Appeal

    This may not be a book my new grandson Felix will soon be reading, but it does raise a legitimate question:  When you really, truly, believe a federal appeal is frivolous, and not just garden variety, I know you’re going to lose, please don’t make me spend my client’s money defending, but truly a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad appeal, can you obtain sanctions under Federal Rule 11 … Read More

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  • How to Avoid the Implied Waiver of the Attorney-Client Privilege in Arizona Insurance Bad Faith Cases

    How to Avoid the Implied Waiver of the Attorney-Client Privilege in Arizona Insurance Bad Faith Cases

    This article examines the implied waiver of the attorney-client privilege, notes guidelines that will assist an Insurer’s analysis of whether a court will find a waiver of the Privilege, and offers tips for how an Insurer can avoid the implied waiver of the Privilege. 

    Full article Read More

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  • Do You Have Inspiration?

    Isn't the real answer to that question "Yes, sometimes." That's because the source of inspiration is mostly unknown. That is why it can hit you at times that seem unlikely, such as the middle of the night or when you are in the shower.  

    It is not conscious and sneaks up on you instead. That is why you have to be open to it and embrace it when it comes. If you don't, it is at your own risk of missing … Read More

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