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  • Deliver Outstanding Legal Advice - Gary Jaburg

    JW Way Fundamental #1: Deliver outstanding legal advice. "Find the smartest and most efficient way for clients to achieve their goals, while maintaining a healthy respect for their budget and ability to pay."

    Every successful business has to differentiate itself in some manner, and law firms are … Read More

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  • Honor Your Commitments - Alden Thomas

    JW Way Fundamental #7: Honor your commitments. "Do what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it. If a commitment can’t be fulfilled, tell others early and agree on a new commitment."

    I vividly remember my first day of law school. All the 1Ls were gathered in an auditorium listening to professors talk about what was in store for us. What has stuck with me is one particular … Read More

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  • Navigating the Rapids: Temporary Orders Hearings in Maricopa County

    One of the most anxiety-producing experiences for both a family law client and their attorney is navigating through the process relating to a Maricopa County temporary orders hearing. The client’s anxiety is easy to understand. It may be their first experience in a contested hearing, the first time a judge is going to be presented with evidence concerning their case, or the first time ever testifying. Almost … Read More

  • The Seven C's of Settlement

    Many people, particularly those who have never experienced first-hand what it is like to be a party to litigation, are quick to threaten to file a lawsuit at the first sign of a business dispute. However, as most lawyers and experienced litigants will readily tell such people, there are many reasons not only to avoid lawsuits if possible, but once involved in a lawsuit to try to reach a settlement with the other … Read More

  • Jaburg Wilk Expands Insurance Law Practice

    PHOENIX, Ariz. (April 12, 2019) - The law firm of Jaburg Wilk announced that K. Michelle Ronan joined the firm as an attorney in their bad faith litigation, insurance coverage, and construction defect litigation groups.  Before joining Jaburg Wilk, Michelle represented clients in insurance defense and bad faith litigation. 

    “I’m very excited that Michelle has joined the … Read More

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  • Embrace Failure

    I think we all need to embrace failure. There, I said it. And it’s true. Failure leads to life lessons that can’t be taught. The point is we all encounter failure in our lives and it helps make us who we are and hopefully to become who we want to be.

    You can’t read or listen to the news these days without hearing about the college admissions scandal. In case you somehow have missed this news … Read More

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  • Arizona Child Support Modification

    In Arizona, child support is determined by using a formula. Several factors are considered – income of each party, how many other children each parent supports, cost of daycare and health insurance, as well as how much time each parent spends with the child or children.

    There are some changed circumstances that justify changing the amount of child support from the amount originally ordered. However, the … Read More

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  • Helping People Makes You Feel Good

    A lot of people want to go on their way and not be distracted from their path. Others spend their lives seeking opportunities to help people. Most of us do some of both, depending on the day and what we are dealing with at work and home. Taking time to help others makes your part of your city a community. It makes a difference.

    This doesn’t mean spending all day volunteering at a non-profit, though that is … Read More

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  • The Use of ‘Options’ in Commercial Leases

    There are many reasons why a Landlord and Tenant may choose to include an “option” in a commercial lease. The most common type of option is one that gives the Tenant the right to extend the lease term, usually for additional — sometimes two or more — terms of equal length to the original term. While an option is found within the lease itself, it must independently include all the requisite … Read More

  • Reasonable Reliance in Connection with Fraud in the Inducement

    If you ask most people what it means to be “fraudulently induced” to enter into a contract, they will likely respond that it means that they were lied to.  But while it's true that being told something that is not true is one of the elements of fraud, each of the four following elements must be present, for the non-truthful party to be legally liable for “fraud in the inducement”: (1) … Read More

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