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  • Jaburg Wilk Partner to Present in Joint Vs. Individual Trusts in Separate and Community Property States Webinar

    Beth S. Cohn is a featured speaker at upcoming webinar - Joint Vs. Individual Trusts in Separate and Community Property States

    What: This webinar will provide trusts and estates counsel guidance for recognizing and overcoming critical tax issues when determining whether joint or individual trusts are most ideal in both separate and community property states. The panel will also discuss coordination of joint … Read More

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  • Listening is a Skill

    It's a skill to fully listen to one or more people in a conversation. If you want to test how people are listening, ask them to repeat back to you the message or direction you were trying to convey. You will be surprised at how often the other person wasn't fully listening or took something different from your words than what you intended. That's right, someone can be listening, but take something differently from … Read More

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  • Making Every Dollar Count: Should Startups and Small Businesses Register Their Trademarks?

    How important is reputation in your line of work? What is it worth? Does it matter that others associate your company with consistently high-quality goods or services? That your company represents a strong value-add proposition? That your company was easy to work with and exceeded expectations? And how do customers find you? Word-of-mouth? Marketing efforts? Search-engine optimization?

    A Trademark is the … Read More

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  • Four Impacts of Taking a Working Vacation

    After several months of COVID and work frenzy, like many people, I decided to take a vacation. Any vacation taken during the WFH pandemic can quickly evolve into a working vacation and there are both good and bad aspects of that. Finding a place to safely travel to and safely stay has unique challenges during a global pandemic. Even taking a road trip, which seems to be the way that many Americans are traveling, … Read More

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  • Jaburg Wilk Partner Reynolds Named to Board

    PHOENIX, Ariz. (09/10/2020) Jaburg Wilk partner, Echo A. Reynolds, has been named to the Advisory Board of Directors of the Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona.

    Reynolds, a bad faith litigation and insurance coverage attorney at Jaburg Wilk, said “The Epilepsy Foundation provides medical, social, and community advocacy for Arizonans living with epilepsy. This advocacy has made substantial improvements in our … Read More

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  • Never Neglect Learning

    A few years ago, I read a quote that resonated with me. I happened upon the quote this week and had the same reaction. The quote is “Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.” This insightful statement is by Buckminster Fuller, and he is correct on many levels.

    We all have potential, but realizing that potential takes work. Think about the intelligent people you have known … Read More

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  • That’s Ambiguous – No It’s Not

    As hard as real estate agents, title companies, attorneys, and anybody else who drafts contracts, may strive for perfection in their drafting, it is not unusual for the finished product to include a provision that is ambiguous. Such ambiguity can result from a poor choice of words, or from an "honest mistake" made during the drafting process.

    According to Black's Law Dictionary (11th ed. 2019), "A contract or a … Read More

  • Growing Relationships

    JW Way Fundamental #25: Candidly discuss, then align. "Healthy, respectful discussion creates better solutions. Discuss concepts without personal attacks. Check your ego and search for the best solution rather than proving you are right. Once a decision is made, be fully aligned and completely supportive of it."

    Relationships, whether they be work or personal, depend on reciprocal candid dialogue among all … Read More

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  • JAN Speaks, and We Should Listen . . . Sorry, Marcia.

    The COVID pandemic has created unprecedented change in our lives and the workplace is no exception. Employers have had to scramble to meet accommodation requests in an unsure and novel environment. One of my favorite websites, the Job Accommodation Network (JAN) has published strategies for employers to implement creative solutions to allow disabled workers to perform their essential job duties, whether in the … Read More

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  • Virtual Depositions are as Easy as One, Two… Can You Hear Me, Now?

    For cost containment - or other reasons - attorneys are trying fewer civil cases to juries. Years ago, trial attorneys would easily try dozens of cases per year. Now, it is not uncommon for a “trial attorney” to try one or two cases per year. For good or bad, the nature of civil practice has shifted and discovery, particularly depositions, has, in many ways, become the trial. Attorneys now invest hours … Read More

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