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Act with Integrity

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act with integrity

At times, we all face decisions that involve choosing between what we want to do and what we should do. The decision point often involves making more money on the one hand verses doing "the right thing" on the other hand. I relate these decision points to the old cartoons where the cartoon character would have the devil on one shoulder telling him/her what to do and the angel on the other shoulder.

And while the decision point often revolves around money it presents itself in many other ways. A simple example could be when you've made a date with someone and a new "better" opportunity presents itself. Do you cancel the previous commitment for the better opportunity?  Think of all the times you might be able to "get away with something", but it is not the right thing to do.

A good starting point for honoring this Fundamental is to be honest- honest with yourself and others. We have all observed that people have an endless ability to rationalize their actions to justify their behavior. We should all constantly be questioning ourselves, to see if we are falling into this trap.

We often take the easy way out and tell people what we think they want to hear, rather than what we really think, because it is easier-at least in the short run. Take the "high road" and be honest and it will almost always work out better in the long run.

The second part of this Fundamental deals with those times when we've fallen short, and for whatever reason made a mistake. There is a simple, easy and effective way to deal with making a mistake- own up to it and apologize. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone understands that everyone makes mistakes. Most people admire and respect people that acknowledge their mistake and take the appropriate actions to rectify the problem. Most people do not respect and do not want to do business with people that make excuses.

We judge the character and integrity of the person by what they do after they make the mistake. If you break something, you offer to pay for it. If you lose something, you offer to replace it. If you billed someone for something that in retrospect was not appropriate, you take it off the bill. If you make a mistake that costs someone money you offer to repay them for the  money lost.  This is the time to Leave Your Ego At The Door (see #9) and simply do the right thing!

If you act with Integrity and do the right thing every time, everyday your life will be greatly enriched in countless ways!

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