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  • Why Continuity Matters

    It may be All About That Bass this year, but will any of us remember Meghan Trainor next year?

    No one plans to be a one hit wonder. Whether in music or business. We are overloaded in every field of business and all professions. The goal is to sustain your business or career over time.

    You do this by nurturing relationships and doing both short term, mid-term and long term planning. If you are not sure where to … Read More

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  • Demonstrate Respect

    There are so many ways to show respect (and an equal number to show disrespect)....where to start? I think a good place is with a number of the JW Way Fundamentals we've implemented here at the firm.  

    #5 Listen Fully - giving people your undivided attention (how does it feel when you can tell the person you are talking to is typing, reading email or thinking of something else!!)  Make … Read More

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  • Why it is Crucial to Designate a HSA Beneficiary

    As high deductible health insurance plans are becoming more popular, an important component is health savings accounts (HSA).  In addition to having current tax advantages, there is specific tax treatment of HSA accounts upon the death of the account holder.  While not a requirement for HR departments, here is a quick tip that employees may find valuable.   

    All participants in a qualified … Read More

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  • Why Self-Confidence is Important

    If you don't believe in yourself, who will? Self-confidence comes from inside you, not from others. And confidence and cockiness do not have to go together. If you think you know everything, you don't.

    If someone is tooting their own horn too much, it is likely they really are insecure. Most successful people play down their accomplishments.  So do you want to spend time with the insecure egotistical person … Read More

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  • Options and the Right of First Refusal in Commercial Leases

    In commercial leases, it is common for the tenant to be given the "option" to continue to lease their premises for a new term commencing immediately upon the expiration of the existing term.  Although the option only favors the tenant, who has the sole right to either exercise or decline to exercise it, there is usually little reason for a landlord to refuse to give such right to the tenant, in that under … Read More

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  • Communicating to Be Understood

    The purpose of communicating - whether it's oral, written, sign language or Morse code - is that both parties understand what is being said.  It is primarily the sender's responsibility to ensure that the recipient receives and understands the communication.    

    The techniques used by excellent communicators vary.  The following 8 tips are effective and frequently used by great communicators:& … Read More

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  • Frequently Asked Questions: Attorneys’ Fees and Costs in Divorce Cases

    I don't want the divorce; why should I have to pay for it?

    We all have expenses for things that we do not anticipate. We do not intend to get sick or hurt; however, if we need medical attention, we are required to pay the medical bills. If you are involved in a divorce and elect to be represented by counsel, you are expected to pay for those legal services even if you have no desire to be divorced.

    Why do … Read More

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  • Why is my Divorce Lawyer Friendly with the Opposing Lawyer?

    You may be surprised that most divorce lawyers in Phoenix get along rather well.  Many times clients have a difficult time understanding that two lawyers, with diametrically opposed positions and clients, can have a good laugh or conduct themselves in a professional manner.  In spite of what you may hear, it is usually to your benefit when both lawyers are civil with one another.  Stipulations, … Read More

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  • What Should I Bring to My First Meeting With My Divorce Lawyer?

    How can I make the most of my first meeting with my lawyer?

    Be prepared and organized. Bring basic information such as a simple statement of assets and liabilities, tax returns for the past three years and it is recommend that clients bring notes with bullet point topics they would like to discuss and questions they seek to have answered. 

    Should I bring all of my records to the first meeting?

    No. In the … Read More

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  • Do I Need Permission to Use Photographs from Google Images?

    One of the biggest mistakes made is that people assume that if a photograph comes up on Google Images then it must be public domain or free game to use on their website. This is absolutely not correct. 

    You MUST have permission to use any photograph you find on the internet. The fact that it came up on Google Images does not mean anything, as Google is just a way to find images. 

    If you do not have … Read More

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