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  • Perseverance and You

    Working to Obtain Your Goals

    Perseverance is everything. There is no excuse to ever give up. If you doubt this, you either have had success handed to you, which happens rarely, if ever, or you come up against trying to reach a goal and pivot instead of pushing through to reach your desired result. You may even describe your pivot as a strategic change of plans based on adjusting to the circumstances. Or is it an … Read More

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  • What is Opting Out?

    Video Transcript

    What is Opting Out? Are There Advantages in Doing So?

    Opting out is resolving a family law dispute outside the judicial system. I think that the parties can achieve clear advantages by choosing to opt out and resolve their issues outside the traditional judicial system. One is that the parties control their own destiny. If they opt out by choosing to agree to resolve their issues, then they … Read More

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  • How is the Custody of Pets Determined in a Divorce?

    Video Transcript:

    For the most part while pets are often members of the family just like children and for some are children, they are not.  They are property and so they are divided just like any other property is. However, there are differences in judges and judges feel differently about this issue. In fact recently I was at a 'meet the judges' meeting of the Maricopa County Bar Association  and one of … Read More

  • Can I Force My Spouse to Give Back the Ring?

    Video Transcript:

    Yes you can. However, you aren’t going to be very successful. Unfortunately, when you give a wedding ring it is a gift. There are cases that will talk about a conditional gift. If you have tied the knot, and you both have complied with your agreement then she gets to keep the ring. However, if you give the ring and you don’t get married there are cases that say that the condition of … Read More

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  • Work/Life Balance is Too Important

    Don't Be a Workoholic

    Are you the workaholic each of us knows? You know the one. Checking email from the time waking up to checking their phone when they are at lunch with you (rude, by the way) to checking it up until they go to sleep. Every social opportunity is really a networking opportunity with people they probably would not socialize with. Conversations relate to business, money, etc. You are not sure what … Read More

  • Corrective Action Plan

    Question: Can I receive a corrective action plan from my employer without prior written or verbal warnings?

    Answer: Yes, an at-will employee in Arizona may be placed on a corrective action plan without any prior warnings.

    Arizona is an employment at will state, meaning that unless there is a written agreement stating that the employee may only be terminated for cause, the employer can terminate an … Read More

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