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  • How the Affordable Care Act Impacts COBRA

    Video Transcript:

    Hi, my name is Kraig Marton.  I'm the head of the employment law section at our firm.  As such I represent both employees and small to mid-size employers in all kinds of employment matters.

    How has the Affordable Care Act influenced or changed COBRA coverage?

    COBRA is a federal statute that gives employees certain rights and it has not really changed under the Act but, as a practical … Read More

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  • Can You Move with Your Children if you Have Sole Custody?

    Video Transcript:

    This is a yes and no answer. Yes, you can move but there are some restrictions. For example, if you're moving more than 100 miles, you need to notify the other parent in writing at least sixty days in advance and the parent that's not moving needs to file an objection to prevent your move within thirty days. Assuming they don't object; then yes you can move. Now under certain circumstances you … Read More

  • Patience - Think Before Speaking

    Just because the thought comes into your head does not mean it should come out of your mouth. In many situations, it matters what you say next. When that is the case, you must think before saying anything. This does not mean uncomfortable, long silences before responding. Instead, it means you need to plan for important conversations, negotiations or presentations, and to think on your feet. 

    This can be … Read More

  • Joint Custody and Legal Decision Making

    In Hull v. Wesley [1] the Division One of the Arizona Court of Appeals addressed legal decision-making for children in the context of pain medication.  These medications were taken during the pregnancy.  The child was born addicted to the pain medication and suffered withdrawal and complications after birth. The Appeals Court opinion is a … Read More

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  • Can I Complete My Divorce Without a Trial?

    Video Transcript:

    Hi, I'm Mitch Reichman. I'm a State Board of Arizona Certified Specialist in Family Law and I practice at Jaburg & Wilk.

    Will I Have to Appear in Court During my Divorce Proceeding?

    Yes, typically you'll have to appear in court at least once.  Judges in Maricopa County in divorce cases are very proactive and so they call the parties to appear in front of them early on in the case to … Read More

  • Who Has Child Custody Jurisdiction

    Who Has Child Custody Jurisidction- Mexico, Arizona, or California? 

    The decision in Margain vs. Ruiz-Bours [1] provides some insight into the workings of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act ("UCCJEA") as adopted by Arizona in Title 25, Chapter 8, Articles 1 through 3. 

    Facts of the Child Custody Case 

    The facts of the case are interesting. … Read More

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  • Why Mediation is Preferable to Litigation in a Divorce

    Video Transcript:

    Mediation is preferred to litigation for a myriad of reasons.  First of all, is the cost - mediation is invariably less expensive than litigation.  It is not a few thousand dollars less to mediate; many times it may be ten, twenty, or even thirty thousand dollars less than litigation.  In addition, a benefit of mediation is the case is over in four to twelve hours or maybe it … Read More

  • How to Find the Identity of an Anonymous Author Online

    Video Transcript:

    There’s two ways that you can find out the identity of an anonymous author online. First, is you can just ask. You can email the website, email the ISP and say “Hey, this person said mean things about me” or inform them of the reason you want to know and just ask. Most of the times, the website won’t actually give you that information so what you really have to do is … Read More