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  • Listening is a Skill

    Listening is a Skill

    It's a skill to fully listen to one or more people in a conversation. If you want to test how people are listening, ask them to repeat back to you the message or direction you were trying to convey. You will be surprised at how often the other person wasn't fully listening or took something different from your words than what you intended. That's right, someone can be listening, but take something differently from … Read More

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  • Four Impacts of Taking a Working Vacation

    Four Impacts of Taking a Working Vacation

    After several months of COVID and work frenzy, like many people, I decided to take a vacation. Any vacation taken during the WFH pandemic can quickly evolve into a working vacation and there are both good and bad aspects of that. Finding a place to safely travel to and safely stay has unique challenges during a global pandemic. Even taking a road trip, which seems to be the way that many Americans are traveling, … Read More

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  • Never Neglect Learning

    Never Neglect Learning

    A few years ago, I read a quote that resonated with me. I happened upon the quote this week and had the same reaction. The quote is “Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.” This insightful statement is by Buckminster Fuller, and he is correct on many levels.

    We all have potential, but realizing that potential takes work. Think about the intelligent people you have known … Read More

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  • Everyone on Your Team has Something to Offer if You Let Them

    Everyone on Your Team has Something to Offer if You Let Them

    Teams are important. It takes people to have a team. For a team to perform optimally, each person must have a voice and be allowed to contribute.

    This has been on my mind in relation to a corporate client who, while having a management team, really has a top down decision-making process driven by a single person, the owner. I was asked to participate in a meeting on issues related to a legal matter. Each member … Read More

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  • Disconnect from your Work

    Disconnect from your Work

    Most of us are connected to our phones, tablets, or computers more than ever right now. From the time we wake up until the time we go to sleep, most of us are a few steps from our office from anywhere in our home. Like many, my summer travel plans were cancelled, taking away a time I actually disconnect from work and email. Losing that time and the current circumstances are wearing on me and those around me. We … Read More

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  • Patience


    Imagine you are in a car with others on a long drive, have somewhere to be, and out of nowhere traffic on the highway comes to a stop. What is your first reaction? It may be to curse under your breath (or out loud). It may be to voice your frustration or you may be upset knowing you will be late to your destination.

    I had this happen earlier this week. My first reaction definitely was frustration. But then I sat … Read More

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  • Organize Yourself

    Organize Yourself

    Organization is more important than ever. Many of us are working remotely. Even if you aren’t, being organized makes a difference. If you have children, school is about to start around the country with remote learning, pulling even more on your time. Being organized will put you in the best position to be successful in all facets of your life.

    Now is the time to organize or, if you are organized, to … Read More

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  • Mentoring is More Challenging than Ever

    Mentoring is More Challenging than Ever

    Most professionals still are working remotely and will be for the foreseeable future. This makes mentoring relationships much more challenging. You can have phone calls or Zoom calls with a mentor or accountability partner, but mentoring relationships grow from forging a relationship based on knowing each other. Getting to know each other is harder to do by phone or Zoom unless that close relationship already … Read More

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  • Appreciation, Gratitude and Humor Help Offset Pandemic Negativity

    Appreciation, Gratitude and Humor Help Offset Pandemic Negativity

    The past few months have been the most unusual in my life. I never thought I would experience an event that would shut down the world and I have. While there is re-opening of some states, we are far from being back to normal. Having talked to a lot of people about how the pandemic impacts them, I noticed some trends emerging from those conversations.

    There is now a lot of clarity around what matters most. Before … Read More

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  • Preparation is Everything

    Preparation is Everything

    Have you ever trained or practiced something with a goal in mind, such as improving your time on your daily run, memorizing your lines for your role at the local theater, or something similar? When you do, you have to make time to work up to your goal. With no preparation, you may finish the race, but it won’t be fast and you likely will feel it in your body for quite some time. If you don’t practice … Read More

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