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  • Millennials in Tech Are Boosting Easements and Licenses

    Millennials in Tech Are Boosting Easements and Licenses

    The legal right to use someone else’s land for some limited purpose usually arises out of the user having either an easement or a license. A very common easement is one used for ingress and egress, meaning the right to travel over someone else’s property to reach one’s own property. Easements can also include such rights as the right to place utilities under someone else’s property, or the … Read More

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  • Work Smarter

    Work Smarter

    Everywhere you look you are told hard work pays off. This is true.  The fact that hard work is required to become successful is also true. But, as you gain experience and have success, the formula should change and you should work smarter.

    By working smarter I mean a few things. The first is that you should be able to streamline much of what you do. This may be through utilizing technology that saves … Read More

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  • What is Knowledge?

    What is Knowledge?

    If you ask somebody whether they “know” something, they will readily tell you either “yes” or “no.” There is no doubt while watching Jeopardy – either you know or you do not know the answer (or actually the question). A person is said to have actual “knowledge” as to a certain fact because they have actual awareness of it; whereas, if they are unaware of it, … Read More

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  • Why Do You Fight so Hard to Protect Reputations?

    Why Do You Fight so Hard to Protect Reputations?

    Video Transcript:

    Reputations are critical to every one of us. It makes such a difference at work. It makes such a difference at home. From the Bible to Shakespeare, you find references about how important one's reputation is. As Shakespeare said, "He who filches my purse steals nothing. He takes that which I can get again, but he who steals my reputation steals everything with something that does not enrich him, … Read More

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  • The E-mail Conundrum

    The E-mail Conundrum

    Picture this, you are working on an important project with a fast approaching deadline when suddenly an email comes into your inbox and your computer makes a sound alerting you to this new email. What do you do? You know the answer for most people is that they open the email, thereby interrupting their work and train of thought on the time sensitive project. We all have been there and that new email is hard to … Read More

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  • Luck versus Skill

    Luck versus Skill

    I really like the podcast How I Built This.  Guy Raz interviews entrepreneurs about the businesses they have built. At the end of most of the interviews he asks each entrepreneur how much of their success they attribute to luck and how much they attribute to skill. The answers can be interesting, but it always makes me apply the same question to my business and those of my clients. Since first … Read More

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  • Feedback is Important

    Feedback is Important

    It is important to provide people with feedback in the workplace. Feedback should be positive or in the form of constructive criticism. Purely negative feedback accomplishes nothing and is the sign of a poor corporate culture.

    If you are providing positive feedback, make it meaningful. You should praise someone’s work or actions when it’s really deserved and you mean what you say. Being overly … Read More

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  • Who Can Issue a Stop Notice?

    Who Can Issue a Stop Notice?

    Video Transcript:

    What is a Stop Notice?

    A stop notice is a statutory form of notice that is a very powerful remedy for contractors and suppliers to ensure payment. Think of a stop notice much like a mechanics lien, except that instead of placing an encumbrance on real property, a stop notice places an encumbrance on money. It freezes the flow of money, usually from the lender, or from an owner, if it's owner … Read More

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  • Try New Things and Hold Yourself Accountable

    Try New Things and Hold Yourself Accountable

    It’s the first full week of a new year. I hadn’t decided what to write about when I saw a great quote from Anthony Bourdain. The last part of the quote caught my attention. He said “Open your mind. Get up off the couch. Move.”

    Given his television show and how he lived his live, he may be referring to traveling and new experiences. I read the quote expansively. I read it to say to be … Read More

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  • What is an Appraisal?

    What is an Appraisal?

    Video Transcript:

    Most first-party homeowners policies contain an appraisal provision. An appraisal provision is something that allows the insured and the insurer to resolve a difference about the amount of a particular loss.

    Most of these appraisal provisions have some common provisions. One, either party may invoke the appraisal provision by making a written request for appraisal. Two, within 20 days of that … Read More

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