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  • Finding and Cultivating Gratitude During a Pandemic

    Finding and Cultivating Gratitude During a Pandemic

    Being grateful in 2020 may seem unnecessary or simply feel out of reach. After all, the year is epitomized by a pandemic and a corresponding diminishing of physical and mental health, coupled with political division and civil unrest. For many, 2020 has been one of the most trying of years, if not the most difficult.

    The Thanksgiving holiday is the catalyst for this article. This year many have cancelled their … Read More

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  • Hard Work Matters

    Hard Work Matters

    Success doesn’t just happen. Show me an “overnight success” and I’ll show you someone who worked hard for a long time to enjoy what seems like overnight success. True success usually only is possible where someone has put in the proverbial 10,000 hours to master their craft or business.

    Hard work and investing in yourself pays off, in the long run. If you aren’t willing to put in the … Read More

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  • Time to Make Time

    Time to Make Time

    2020 has been daunting and filled with stressors. First, the pandemic emerged and spawned working from home and virtual schooling. The summer brought protests for racial justice and in parts of the US, high spikes in COVID infections. The fall brought the election and record setting cases. Yes, 2020 has been one for the record books.

    As working parents and attorneys, how are we expected to manage all of these … Read More

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  • Follow Your Inspiration

    Follow Your Inspiration

    Where does inspiration come from? There isn’t a single answer. Something that inspires you may not inspire me and vice versa. What inspires me today may be different than what will inspire me tomorrow. The source of inspiration is ever changing, which is why it is different day to day and can hit you at times that seem unlikely, such as the middle of the night or when you are in the shower.

    Inspiration may … Read More

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  • Be Passionate About the Client Experience

    Be Passionate About the Client Experience

    Delivering a great experience to every client every time you interact with them is important. You want to treat them so they feel like they’re your priority even though they know you have many other clients and matters you’re working on. To do this you need to be conscious of the experience you’re providing no matter what type of communication you are using.

    It’s easier to do this in … Read More

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  • No Reason to Burn a Bridge

    No Reason to Burn a Bridge

    Recently, a client told me about an employee who not only quit, but burned bridges with the company, its management, and many co-workers on his way out the door. This accomplished nothing. Even worse, before the bridge was burned to the ground, the company would have considered rehiring this person in the future.

    People get mad, disagree, and are frustrated at times. This certainly can happen when someone is … Read More

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  • Make Timely Hard Decisions

    Make Timely Hard Decisions

    Making hard decisions isn’t easy. But as my wife says, “hard decisions, easy life or easy decisions, hard life.” This is true in your personal life and your business.

    In business, employees, and peers are watching. If you fail to act - or delay acting - people will notice. This will negatively affect your effectiveness as a leader. This is about credibility. When you deal with issues, others on … Read More

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  • Embrace People and Respect Differences

    Embrace People and Respect Differences

    The divisiveness in our country because of partisan politics is disappointing on many levels. People demean others they know and don’t know on social media and anywhere else they can leave comments. People physically attack others at protests and even drive cars into crowds. If you consider this, it seems unbelievable.

    I know people’s positions on political issues are shaped by their core beliefs. No … Read More

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  • Listening is a Skill

    Listening is a Skill

    It's a skill to fully listen to one or more people in a conversation. If you want to test how people are listening, ask them to repeat back to you the message or direction you were trying to convey. You will be surprised at how often the other person wasn't fully listening or took something different from your words than what you intended. That's right, someone can be listening, but take something differently from … Read More

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  • Four Impacts of Taking a Working Vacation

    Four Impacts of Taking a Working Vacation

    After several months of COVID and work frenzy, like many people, I decided to take a vacation. Any vacation taken during the WFH pandemic can quickly evolve into a working vacation and there are both good and bad aspects of that. Finding a place to safely travel to and safely stay has unique challenges during a global pandemic. Even taking a road trip, which seems to be the way that many Americans are traveling, … Read More

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