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  • Make Mistakes and Move On

    Make Mistakes and Move On

    We all make mistakes. Regularly. Do you think about what happened and try to learn from them, or do you beat yourself up? Or does it depend on the mistake and what and who it affected? Next time you make a mistake, take a step back and think how you prevent such a mistake from happening again.

    The cycle of beating yourself up does no good. It wastes time, which is a precious commodity. It also can be a vicious … Read More

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  • Read


    I mean this in two ways. First, read news and know what’s going on in the world. Second, read books. Doing both is important in all facets of life.

    As for news, read whatever you like, such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Washington Post or other papers. Better yet, read or skim two, preferably with different takes, such as being left or right leaning. Reading different points of view … Read More

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  • Work Smarter

    Work Smarter

    Efficiency and organization are important. We all work hard, but, if you’re going to put in the effort and time, are you reaching your goals? This could be the calls you planned to make in a given day, or tasks or projects on your to do list (assuming you use one). It’s one way to try to be efficient and organized. Many ideas exist to help with this and most are right in front of us, but can be easily … Read More

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  • Follow Your Bliss

    Follow Your Bliss

    Do you have a passion? I specifically am talking to a passion outside of your work. Maybe you like to play golf, paint, or play an instrument alone or with others. If you don’t, can you pinpoint where you lost yourself into work or the interests or control of others? Feeling good about your work is important, as is enjoying what you do, because it takes up a lot of your time. Your passions outside of work … Read More

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  • Negative People Have a Problem for Every Solution

    Negative People Have a Problem for Every Solution

    The title is a quote from Einstein, and it’s true. In addition to thinking it’s better to approach matters from a positive perspective, I think he is getting at being open to ideas. When someone has an idea, some people jump on the bandwagon too fast and others pick the idea apart until nothing is left. Neither of these actions or reactions is helpful. Instead, new ideas should be approached with an … Read More

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  • Spontaneity


    Routines and patterns are important to the thread of many of our daily lives. Things such as getting up at the same time, eating the same breakfast, and driving the same route to work are extremely common. If one of these types of tasks changes, how do you react? If an ingredient you need for your usual breakfast isn’t available, is it easy for you to change course? What if there is an accident on your usual … Read More

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  • Be Present

    Be Present

    I know you think you can multitask. We all do at least with certain tasks or situations. In reality, none of us really do it well. Ever.

    The obvious one is when you’re on a call or a Zoom meeting. We hear you clicking on your keyboard either opening and responding to email or surfing the Internet. On Zoom, we see where you’re looking, and it’s down at your phone. Yes, we all do it, but it is a … Read More

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  • Six Overtime Risks for Arizona Contractors

    Six Overtime Risks for Arizona Contractors

    It is estimated that as many as 75% of Arizona contractors are not paying their employees overtime properly. If the U.S. Department of Labor ("DOL") conducts an audit, the results can be devastating to an employer. The Department has authority to conclude that the contractor failed to properly pay overtime to all of its employees and assess damages, fines, and penalties. What should Arizona contractors know about … Read More

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  • Powers of Attorney – Planning for Life Is as Important as Planning for Death

    Powers of Attorney – Planning for Life Is as Important as Planning for Death

    Many people think that estate planning is just about what happens when someone dies. However, an equally-important part of estate planning is ensuring that you are cared for while you are still alive. If you become incapacitated, even for a short period of time, who will pay your bills or decide where you should live? Who will determine what doctors will care for you, or what treatments and medicines you will … Read More

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  • We All Need a Break

    We All Need a Break

    It’s been a long 15 months. Many people continue to work remotely, with some never to return to an office. Others never stopped going in to their workplace. One thing most of us didn’t do was take real and meaningful breaks.

    I don’t mean going for a walk or a family barbeque. I am speaking to vacation, to take time away and, importantly, when you can relax. Based on the numbers of people flying … Read More

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