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  • Work on Your Implicit Bias

    Work on Your Implicit Bias

    Everyone has implicit bias. The term “implicit bias” describes when we unconsciously have attitudes towards people or associate stereotypes with them. This can be because of race, gender, sexual orientation, age – the list is longer than most people think and specific to each person. And this isn’t about being racist or sexist; it’s about the unconscious thoughts that come into our … Read More

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  • Karma Exists!

    Karma Exists!

    I believe karma exists. Maybe it is an existential justice system, maybe not. It isn’t necessarily instant and may take a long time, but it happens. The rub is that you may never know it happens where you were wronged and are hoping for karmic retribution.

    So, what can you do to be on the right side of karma? Be intentional in a positive way. This means to be intentional and positive in what you do, what … Read More

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  • Enjoy Life

    Enjoy Life

    Life goes by fast. As you age, people around you get sick, are in accidents, and even pass away. If you don’t stop to do things you enjoy, you will end up in the next day and have missed a chance to do something you enjoy, even if just for a moment.

    Life is full of wonder. Do you notice? Live each day in a way that you can look back and point to the moments that were good, or even amazing. How much better … Read More

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  • Vision without Execution is Hallucination

    Vision without Execution is Hallucination

    I heard this somewhere and it stayed with me. Think about this and you will know it’s true. If you can’t execute, your ideas are useless. This may mean you need to work with other’s whose skill sets compliment yours, i.e., they are better with follow through and can execute. Or it may mean you need to work on your follow through and execution.

    What to take from this is that it’s important … Read More

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  • Be True to Yourself

    Be True to Yourself

    Dance, go down the slide at your kid’s school, sing along with that song you love while driving down the road. The point is to do things that bring you joy as long as it’s not at the expense of others.

    Don’t let other’s opinions control what you do and the choices you make. You know yourself and you should focus on what you think and like. If you are open to other’s opinions, you can … Read More

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  • Don’t Judge

    Don’t Judge

    It is easy to judge others and many times we do it unconsciously. A great example is the person driving too fast and who may have cut you off. It is easy to just assume they are an aggressive driver who think wherever they need to be is more important than where you are going. I like to think they have somewhere they need to be, such as rushing to the hospital or something similar. It keeps my blood pressure down … Read More

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  • Acknowledge Mistakes and Move On

    Acknowledge Mistakes and Move On

    We all make mistakes. Sometimes others notice, sometimes not. When you do, find a way to learn from it and laugh it off. If you do so, it will pass faster and you can move forward instead of looking backwards.

    The more you let mistakes roll off of your back, other people will forget too. The point is to move forward, fix what you can, or note what you did so you can learn from it. This includes acknowledging … Read More

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  • Be Kind

    Be Kind

    We all are moving fast through our days. Are you nice to the people who cross your path? You should be because how you treat people is what stays with them when they think about you. The benefits of being kind outweigh the efforts you put in. Knowing this and acting on it will help you and your reputation.

    In the same vein, do random acts of kindness. Bring in donuts, or maybe something healthier like fruit, to … Read More

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  • Proofread. Proofread. Proofread.

    Proofread. Proofread. Proofread.

    Proofreading is important. We all know we should proofread everything we write, but we all are busy.

    I remembered this last week when I posted a blog that was repeated. Yes, you read what I wrote, and then you could immediately read it again, because it was there twice. You may be thinking “how did that happen because it must have seemed so obvious.” This is true, but the explanation I could provide … Read More

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  • Time Flies. Goals and Planning are Important

    Time Flies. Goals and Planning are Important

    When I was younger, clichés such as “The days are long, but the years are short” kind of bugged me. As I aged, I learned that clichés are clichés because they generally are true for most people. I am reminded of how quickly time goes by each week when Shutterfly sends me an email with a few pictures and a subject line such as “Your memories from this week ten years ago.” … Read More

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