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  • Never Stop Learning

    Never Stop Learning

    Being a lifetime learner is important. Curious minds need new information like your body needs food and water. Similar to your body needing different types of nourishment, there is so much to learn, whether it is related to your work, hobbies or just a topic you find interesting.

    For attorneys, we are required to take continuing legal education classes every year. I try to find topics that apply to the types of … Read More

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  • Experience is Everything

    Experience is Everything

    My wife’s friend was lucky enough to go to Italy for a few weeks with some of her close friends. When they caught up recently, this woman told my wife that she was so glad she went. Even though her family vacations every year, it’s the same old vacation, a week at the beach or traveling to see family in her hometown. The trip to Italy reminded her of the large world in which we live and the pleasure … Read More

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  • Arizona Court of Appeals Holds MedPay Benefits Are Subject to Health Care Provider Liens

    Arizona Court of Appeals Holds MedPay Benefits Are Subject to Health Care Provider Liens

    The Holding

    In Dignity Health v. Farmers Ins. Co. of Ariz., 1 CA-CV-18-0292, 2019 WL1499855 (Ariz. App. June 11, 2019), the Arizona Court of Appeals recently held MedPay benefits are subject to health care provider liens because MedPay coverage does not qualify as “health Insurance” exempt from medical provider liens under A.R.S. § 33-931.

    The Takeaways

    An insurer’s payment of MedPay … Read More

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  • Integrity Gives You Real Freedom

    Integrity Gives You Real Freedom

    JW Way Fundamental #15: Treasure, Protect, and Promote our Reputation  "We're all caretakers and beneficiaries of the firm's image and reputation at all times and all situations. Consider how your actions affect our collective reputation, and act in a way that brings honor to the firm. Remember, you are always an ambassador of our firm." 

    We should treasure our firm’s reputation the same way we … Read More

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  • Vacation Should Not be Your Office in a Different Location

    Vacation Should Not be Your Office in a Different Location

    As the week of July 4th is near, a huge number of Americans will take the roads and even the air to get out of town. Whether you are doing so or not, make sure to plan time away from your work.

    Vacation is important. It provides a break from your routine. This allows you to re-charge and connect with friends and family. Yes, this means you should try to not check your work email all the time when you are out of … Read More

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  • Are You Likable?

    Are You Likable?

    Studies have shown that likable people are more successful. This makes sense because I feel comfortable saying that almost any person you ask would rather be around and do business with someone who is likable versus someone who is not. Because of this, it’s good that being likable is something you have the power to control and improve on.

    Being likable is easy if you think about the qualities you like in … Read More

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  • Preparation Matters

    Preparation Matters

    I had a conversation this week that reminded me of a post I wrote years ago about the importance of preparation. I went back and looked at it. The post was spot on regarding the conversation between my client and me. I revised that post for the current situation because it is a good reminder of how important preparation is.

    This week, I called a client to set up a block of time to prepare for a mediation. The … Read More

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  • Ordinary People do Extraordinary Things Every Day

    Ordinary People do Extraordinary Things Every Day

    I first remember reading or hearing this in a quote from Jim Valvano, the North Carolina basketball coach who said “Every Single Day, in Every Walk of Life, Ordinary People do Extraordinary Things.” In 1983, his underdog team was pitted against the heavily favorited Houston Cougars in the NCAA Men’s Basketball championship game. They won right at the end of the game. He later passed away from … Read More

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  • Can I Fly with My CBD Products?

    Can I Fly with My CBD Products?

    There is a growing interest in the use of products containing CBD (Cannabidiol). These are products containing oil that is derived from the hemp plant, the same plant that produces marijuana.  Unlike medical marijuana, CBD products contain little or no THC, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana.

    In 2018, Congress passed a new Farm Bill (Farm Bill) known as the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018.& … Read More

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  • Be Fearless

    Be Fearless

    We all know that life is full of worry and stress about success and about failure. This seems to be an integral part of climbing your way to the top of whatever trail or ladder you are on. These types of emotions can help motivate you, but they also slow you down if you let them. It is an art to learn from your past while looking forward.

    Everyone who is successful has failed many times. After each failure, they … Read More

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