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  • Follow Through is a Double-edged Sword

    Follow Through is a Double-edged Sword

    People are fast to commit, but then what? Some do exactly what they say they will. They e-mail or call the next day. Others don’t.

    This leads to two quick thoughts: (1) some people are organized and follow-up and (2) some people are disorganized and don’t. I think there is a third thought that has to be acknowledged.  Many people say they will follow-up when they have no intention of doing … Read More

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  • Patience - Learn it, Live it

    Patience - Learn it, Live it

    We all know patience is important, but can lose sight of that in the moment. I currently am experiencing this firsthand because we have a puppy in our home. Dealing with a puppy for the first time in many years has provided me with insight into patience with my children and with my work.

    In addition to the puppy - and his training challenges - which include an interest in picking items out of garbage cans because … Read More

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  • Embrace Failure

    Embrace Failure

    I think we all need to embrace failure. There, I said it. And it’s true. Failure leads to life lessons that can’t be taught. The point is we all encounter failure in our lives and it helps make us who we are and hopefully to become who we want to be.

    You can’t read or listen to the news these days without hearing about the college admissions scandal. In case you somehow have missed this news … Read More

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  • Helping People Makes You Feel Good

    Helping People Makes You Feel Good

    A lot of people want to go on their way and not be distracted from their path. Others spend their lives seeking opportunities to help people. Most of us do some of both, depending on the day and what we are dealing with at work and home. Taking time to help others makes your part of your city a community. It makes a difference.

    This doesn’t mean spending all day volunteering at a non-profit, though that is … Read More

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  • Deliver Outstanding Service

    Deliver Outstanding Service

    Most of us provide personal services to someone, whether a customer, a superior or a work team. It can be difficult to measure the quality of the services you provide or receive. It is different than judging the quality of a hamburger or a car.

    For me, I provide advice. This advice can be life or business altering for my clients. Though it’s intangible, quality matters as much as that of the tires on your … Read More

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  • That's Not Fair: What is Unjust Enrichment

    That's Not Fair: What is Unjust Enrichment

    On all of the television court shows, one theme that is pervasive is that the judge, in issuing his or her ruling, attempts to fashion as result that is “fair” to the parties.  But as anyone who has first-hand experience, either as an attorney or as a party, with “real life” lawsuits, knows well, it is all too often true that the concept of “fairness” plays no part in the … Read More

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  • Are you Taking up Too Much Space?

    Are you Taking up Too Much Space?

    This past weekend I was reading an article and saw a great quote: “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space.” I think this applies to all of us and it doesn’t matter what you do for a living. I read it as saying to always be looking forward and challenging yourself. If you rest on your laurels you become stagnant. More importantly, in our fast-moving world not … Read More

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  • Don't Forget to Cash It In

    Don't Forget to Cash It In

    Found within the countless laws governing commercial transactions are many traps for the unwary. One such “trap” is found in the law governing certificates of deposit (CDs) and promissory notes. While most people would assume that their CD is “as good as gold” and that it can be held indefinitely until such time as the holder chooses to convert it into cash, that is not at all the case. … Read More

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  • Meeting Expectations

    Meeting Expectations

    I currently have many really interesting matters I am working on. One of the matters had a large deadline a few weeks ago, which was then extended for a week. You can’t work on a large project without it impacting other work you have. The extension was a blessing and a curse because the pleading created was much better thanks to the deadline, but it certainly delayed me from focusing on other matters on my … Read More

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  • Routine and Organization

    Routine and Organization

    I use routine to try and stay organized. This can be from my general morning routine to how I go about things when I get to the office. The Groundhog Day mentality definitely helps me stay on track. I have found that if I stick to certain routines, as much as possible, it allows me to accomplish the goals I’ve set for each day or each week. And this is in both my professional and personal lives. But, this … Read More

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