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CDC Updates Quarantine Guidance Creating Confusion for Employers

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CDC guidelines for employers with questions about COVID quarantine times

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention updated its guidance on December 2, 2020 and it caused confusion regarding quarantine recommendations for both employers and their workers.

Generally, the CDC continues to favor a 14-day quarantine after coming into close contact with someone with COVID-19 or who is showing symptoms of COVID-19. That said, the CDC’s newest guidance provides two alternatives based on local availability of COVID testing. For those individuals not experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, the quarantine can end:

  • On day ten, without testing;
  • On day seven after receiving a negative test result.

REMEMBER: The CDC’s guidance has no impact on state or locally mandated quarantine times. If your state has such rules, you must still follow your state or local guidance. As of the time this article, Arizona has no state wide restrictions.

Best practices for Arizona employers to follow:

  • Continuing offering—and encouraging—remote work.
  • Generally, employers should continue enforcing a 14-day quarantine. The CDC still opines this is the safest option.
  • Critical businesses can consider the CDC’s new alternative quarantine recommendations.
  • State and local rules may change. Be vigilant in monitoring any changes that will impact your workforce.
  • Be transparent with your workforce. Provide updates and when necessary, amend policies.

About the Author: Alejandro Pérez is an employment law attorney and partner at Jaburg Wilk. Fully bilingual, Alejandro assists employers in all facets of employment law, including issues arising under the Americans with Disability Act. Alejandro is committed to providing clients with clarity and guidance as to their obligations in connection with the coronavirus pandemic