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Deliver Outstanding Legal Advice

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I am proud of many of the values and behaviors that define the JW culture, but I’m most proud of our focus on delivering great legal service and advice in a cost efficient manner. This goes to the very core of what clients want from their attorney and the heart of our deliverables to our clients. We employ numerous other JW Way Fundamentals to achieve success with this Fundamental.  In fact, in going through our Fundamentals, almost every one of them needs to be employed to achieve maximum success in delivering outstanding legal advice. 

It is obvious that we need a superior understanding of the law and the facts. What is less obvious is the need to fully understand and appreciate our clients’ fears, motivations, economic situation and real objectives. And what many of the JW Way Fundamentals speak to  is how to best obtain that information. Equally, if not more important, is the need to obtain this same information from the adverse party and opposing counsel. 

It is essential to consider the various emotions that drive clients’ decision making in legal matters and it is even more essential to consider our clients’ financial situation and how that should impact our advice and strategy. 

This is the essence of what results in “Happy Client AND Paid Bill” and gets existing clients to give us more work and refer their friends and business associates to us.

About the author:  Gary J. Jaburg is the managing partner of the Phoenix law firm of Jaburg Wilk.  He assists clients with employment and business matters, workouts of financial issues and business divorce.