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Don’t Limit Your Imagination

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Don't limit imagination

The only person who can limit your imagination is you. What I mean is that if you think there are limits regarding what you can do - or accomplish - you will encounter self-created and self-fulfilling prophesies. If you think about this, you will know it’s true.

Negative thinking stops positive momentum. It doesn’t matter whether it’s me thinking I can’t do better than my opposing counsel at trial or a running back thinking he can’t get past the other team’s defensive line. If you approach a situation thinking you can’t, you won’t. Of course, the opposite isn’t the same.  If you think you can - you might - and you certainly will have a better chance of being successful.

It is better to be like The Little Engine That Could than thinking the challenge ahead of you is impossible. The Little Engine said “I think I can, I think I can” and, what do you know – spoiler alert – it pulled that long train over that steep mountain.

Next time you have a similar type of challenge, tell yourself you can do it, thereby giving yourself a better chance for success.

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