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Everybody’s an Expert

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How are you an expert? We all have things that we are really good at doing.  The possibilities are endless. You could be an expert in what you do for a living such as computer programming, medicine, plumbing or auto repair, or perhaps you are an expert at something like Sudoku, stamp collecting, video games or Star Wars trivia. Maybe you are an expert in more than one area.

What you are expert in could be things that come naturally to you or it is something you have learned. An easy example is you are an expert in drawing artwork versus being an expert in Star Wars trivia.

For me, I feel am in expert at what I do for a living. I feel this way based my experience.  It is the time I have invested learning about issues and the law and it is also the time I still spend learning about new laws that may assist me in advising my clients.  It is what I have learned from formal and informal mentors.

You should think about how you are an expert. Also, consider how you want to become an expert. Is there something you can put in your 10,000 hours at learning or doing to become an expert? Focusing your interests - whether personal or professional - to become an expert may help you to have a better life experience. Plus, if you learn enough Star Wars or other trivia, you may be able to beat your friends and family at trivia games!

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