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Experience is Everything

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Experience is everything

My wife’s friend was lucky enough to go to Italy for a few weeks with some of her close friends. When they caught up recently, this woman told my wife that she was so glad she went. Even though her family vacations every year, it’s the same old vacation, a week at the beach or traveling to see family in her hometown. The trip to Italy reminded her of the large world in which we live and the pleasure from experiencing new people, places, and things.

Because of the time she spent disconnecting from her work to have new experiences, she realized she wants to plan different types of vacations for herself and her husband as well as family trips. She re-discovered how important experience is and it has changed her thinking.

She was lucky to take such a big trip and think about her personal and business priorities. Sometimes you need to be experiencing something new outside of your everyday life to have the time and space to think in this manner.

Anyone can do this and it doesn’t mean we all need to go somewhere such as Italy. It can be going to a new restaurant. It can be being a tourist in your home town – hint for those in the Phoenix area: go to the Musical Instrument Museum or take your children to the Science Center (you will like it too). It can be going to a city in your home state or a nearby state you haven’t visited before. I find most places have enough things to do for a three to four-day weekend trip. The point is to branch out and think outside of your usual box.

Don’t put off having new experiences for the future or retirement because that day may never come. Find new experiences that fit within your budget and the time you have, whether on a Saturday or for a week-long vacation. Doing so will help you to have shared experiences and a chance to think outside your box.

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