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Follow Through is a Double-edged Sword

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Follow through on commitments

People are fast to commit, but then what? Some do exactly what they say they will. They e-mail or call the next day. Others don’t.

This leads to two quick thoughts: (1) some people are organized and follow-up and (2) some people are disorganized and don’t. I think there is a third thought that has to be acknowledged.  Many people say they will follow-up when they have no intention of doing so. It’s the flip side to people making offers or telling people to follow-up with them when they don’t mean it.

I have been thinking about this and have come up with my own rules for making offers and following up. If you take the time to think through these ideas you may like the idea of having similar rules - or not. My rules are:

  1. Only make genuine and intentional offers.
  2. Don’t say you will follow-up or show interest unless your response is genuine.
  3. If you make an offer and the person doesn’t follow-up, note it and move forward without them.
  4. If someone makes you an offer, follow-up.

If you are challenged by organization, use tools such as calendar reminders or organizational apps on your phone to prompt you to follow-up.

The point is to be intentional in your actions. It also is to be genuine. It will save you and others time, which is our most valuable commodity.

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About the Author: Neal Bookspan is a partner at the Phoenix, Arizona law firm of Jaburg Wilk. He assists clients with business issues, commercial litigation, workouts, and bankruptcy litigation. Neal can be reached at 602.248.1000.