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Have Fun, That is an Order!

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have fun at work

"Have fun, it won’t hurt, I promise." - C. Cole Crabtree

We all know you can’t force someone to have fun at work.  “And having fun at work isn’t always appropriate, and it certainly doesn’t jive with everyone’s work style.  But what you can do is give employees the chance to learn how to have fun effectively.” -Shana Lebowitz,  My Office is Awesome: Why Having Fun at Work is a Good Idea, December 23, 2013.

Scientific evidence, as well as real world experience, shows that having fun at work equates to happiness and happiness leads to more productivity.*  The more productive we are, the better we feel about ourselves.  And the better we feel about ourselves the more productive we are.   These in turn lead to the sense of self-fulfillment and happiness which allows us to serve our clients profitably.  Fun, it is a vicious cycle of happiness, BEWARE!

Keeping it fun in the office and not taking ourselves too seriously keeps us all young in spirit and body.  It also creates an enjoyable atmosphere in which to work with such fun and amazing people.

About the AuthorC. Cole Crabtree is a Partner at Jaburg & Wilk PC and has been practicing law for over thirteen years. His practice focuses on construction defect, products liability, personal injury and general insurance defense litigation.

  • At Google, we know that health, family and wellbeing are an important aspect of Googlers’ lives. We have alsonoticed that employees who are happy ... demonstrate increased motivation ... [We] ... work to ensure that Google is... an emotionally healthy place to work." - Lara Harding, People Programs Manager, Google.
  • Supporting our people must begin at the most fundamental level – their physical and mental health and well-being. It is only from strong foundations that they can handle ... complex issues. -Matthew Thomas, Manager – Employee Relations, Ernst and Young.