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How is Child Support Calculated in Arizona?

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How Arizona child support obligations are calculated

In Arizona, child support is calculated pursuant to the Arizona Child Support Guidelines under Arizona Revised Statute §25-320. However, it is the data inserted into the Guideline calculation which will determine the amount of child support to be paid.

There are a number of variables which will determine the ultimate child support amount. The following factors are typically considered:Income of each party;

  1. The cost of health insurance;
  2. Which party actually pays the health insurance premium;
  3. The cost of daycare, if any;
  4. Which party actually pays the daycare expense;
  5. Any extraordinary medical need of the child or children;
  6. Any extraordinary educational need of the child or children;
  7. The number of children;
  8. Whether or not spousal maintenance is being paid or received by either parent;
  9. The age(s) of the child or children;  and
  10. The amount of parenting time exercised by each parent.

The Arizona Child Support Guidelines contain a presumptive income limit of $20,000 per parent per month for calculating child support. However, this presumption can be overcome by appropriate evidence that a deviation from the Guideline support amount is appropriate under the circumstances. Such circumstances that would warrant a deviation might be the standard of living enjoyed by the child or children, or extraordinary expenses for medical, educational or athletic endeavors for the child or children.

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