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Human Resources Check-up

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HR Checklist

Have you kept current with changes and trends in employment law? If audited by a government agency, are you comfortable that you would face no penalties? Do you know what your human resource strengths and weaknesses are?  If you answered "No" or "I don't know" to any of the above questions, it is time for a Human Resources Checkup!

Things We Look For:

  • Personnel Files: Do you maintain comprehensive, organized personnel files?
  • Recruitment: Does your application form solicit permission from applicants to seek references from prior employers?
  • Hiring Process: Do your job offers have disclaimers in order not to be considered a contract?
  • Compensation: Do you pay exempt employees a full day's pay even if they go home sick?
  • Wage & Hour: Are you sure you are paying overtime when necessary?
  • Payroll classification :  Are exempt and non-exempt properly classified
  • Benefits: Do you have eligible employees sign a waiver if they do not enroll in insurance plans?
  • Employee Handbooks and Policy Manuals: Do you have a handbook and has it been reviewed in the last few years?
  • Employee Record keeping: Have you established a policy and procedure for tracking and reviewing: I-9s based on temporary employment eligibility and e-verify?
  • Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action: Do you have a written sexual harassment policy that meets federal and state guidelines?
  • Discipline and Termination Process: Do you use a termination checklist to ensure terminated employees receive all benefits and information to which they are entitled?
  • Safety and Workers Compensation: Do you drug test an employee following an accident?
  • Administration of HR Areas: Are eligible employees entitled to their time-off pay and benefits during their medical (FMLA) leave?
  • Administration of FMLA and COBRA:  Are you in compliance with notifications, tracking, and administration?
  • Compliance with ACA:  Are in compliance with current reporting requirements or are you goint to "opt-out"
  • Compliance with Applicable Employment Laws and Posters: Have you posted the non-English version of the notice to employees regarding Workers Compensation?

We Discover:

  • Overtime not being calculated correctly.
  • Exempt employees are being docked inappropriately.
  • Misclassification of non-exempt employees
  • Policies are not being followed by managers.
  • Benefits records and billings are not being maintained correctly.
  • Unemployment and workers compensation claims are not being aggressively managed.
  • Performance reviews are not being timely completed or effectively discussed.
  • Bonus plans lack structure and specific measurable goals.

We Assist by:

We will meet and provide a professional and objective Human Resource Checkup that fits your organizational HR needs and budget. Call about our special Human Resources Compliance Checkup Program designed for small businesses.

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