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Jaburg Wilk Partner Perez Named to Board

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PHOENIX, Ariz. (12/28/2020) Alejandro Perez has been named to the Board of Directors of Phoenix Pride. In addition, to being on the board, he was recently elected as the board’s Secretary.

Perez, an employment law attorney and partner at Jaburg Wilk, said “Phoenix Pride is special to me. Their mission ‘to promote unity, visibility, and self-esteem among LGBTQ+ community’ resonates deeply with me. These have been long-term commitments of mine.”

Founded in 1991, Phoenix Pride provides education relative to issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community in metro Phoenix. They have awarded scholarships to deserving LGBTQ+ individuals to continue their education totaling nearly $1 million dollars and have actively supported other non-profits focused on LGBTQ+.

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