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Jaburg Wilk Supports Hillel ASU 2018

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Jaburg Wilk Hillel ASU Night Out 2018 PHOENIX, Ariz. (11/14/2018) – The law firm of Jaburg Wilk was pleased to be the presenting sponsor of the Hillel ASU’s Golf & Giving: A Night Out 2018. This is their third annual fundraising event. The sold-out event was held at Top Golf with more than 200 people attending and extending their support to Hillel.

Hillel Jewish Student Center at ASU celebrates diversity and welcomes students from all backgrounds. They support these students by offering leadership development and professional mentoring. Additionally, they provide religious, cultural and Israel education initiatives.

Gary Jaburg, managing partner of Jaburg Wilk, said “We are happy to continue supporting Hillel and their programs at ASU. We know that these students are the future leaders of our community, so an investment today is an investment for our collective future.”

For more information contact Shranda Ceballos at 602.248.1000 or email slc@jaburgwilk.com