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Law Firm Donates 17,000 Water Bottles to Phoenix Rescue Mission

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Jaburg Wilk donates water to Phoenix Rescue Mission

PHOENIX, Ariz (June 30, 2017). The Phoenix law firm of Jaburg Wilk supported the Code Red program at Phoenix Rescue Mission for the third consecutive year.  This year, with matching donation, they were able to donate more than 17,000 bottles of water.

Jaburg Wilk has supported Phoenix Rescue Mission’s Code Red program for the past three years and each year has increased their donation.  The Code Red program provides water to vulnerable people during our record breaking triple digit summer heat.  Phoenix Rescue Mission’s primary mission is to help men, women and children in our community struggling with homelessness, addiction and trauma.

Jaburg Wilk’s Community Chairperson, Mervyn Braude said, “We are committed to supporting Phoenix Rescue Mission and their programs.  The Code Red program, which provides water to homeless and disadvantaged people, is lifesaving especially during the recent record breaking heat.     

To learn more about Phoenix Rescue Mission, visit here. For more information contact Shranda Ceballos at 602.248.1000 or email info@jaburgwilk.com.