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  • Be Yourself

    Be Yourself

    If we all were the same, the world would be a boring place. This is a favorite saying of mine. And it's true. There always are "in" jobs and professions. I am sure most of us think of the tech space as in and seem impressed when someone has a job or internship with a Google, an Apple or similar tech related businesses. 

    For instance, you hear terms such as entrepreneur or startup all the time. Sometimes you … Read More

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  • Do You Have Inspiration?

    Do You Have Inspiration?

    Isn't the real answer to that question "Yes, sometimes." That's because the source of inspiration is mostly unknown. That is why it can hit you at times that seem unlikely, such as the middle of the night or when you are in the shower.  

    It is not conscious and sneaks up on you instead. That is why you have to be open to it and embrace it when it comes. If you don't, it is at your own risk of missing … Read More

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  • Seek Out and Heed Advice

    Seek Out and Heed Advice

    You can go it alone, but why? We all need help and guidance. You need to have people to go to with questions, to bounce ideas off of and to sound out ideas. It may be a mentor, a friend, a co-worker, well you get the idea. The key is to have one or more people who you trust to advise you and who you will listen to and consider what they say.  

    You are thinking that is obvious. But is it? Think about who … Read More

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  • Does Your Business Have a Specific Culture?

    Does Your Business Have a Specific Culture?


           Does your business have a specific culture? Of course the answer is that it does whether it is conscious or not. For instance, at my firm we have the JW Way. It is a mission statement consisting of twenty one fundamentals. We believe that since making these fundamentals of our firm’s culture a conscious part of our firm it has improved what already was a good … Read More

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  • Will My Commercial Liability Insurance Cover an ADA Lawsuit?

    Will My Commercial Liability Insurance Cover an ADA Lawsuit?


    I notified my commercial liability insurance carrier of the lawsuit but they denied coverage – why?


    Very few companies are able to secure insurance coverage for the defense of their ADA accessibility lawsuits. CGL carriers commonly deny coverage for these lawsuits because an “injury” under the ADA typically does not qualify as a personal injury or property damage under … Read More

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  • Perseverance and You

    Perseverance and You

    Working to Obtain Your Goals

    Perseverance is everything. There is no excuse to ever give up. If you doubt this, you either have had success handed to you, which happens rarely, if ever, or you come up against trying to reach a goal and pivot instead of pushing through to reach your desired result. You may even describe your pivot as a strategic change of plans based on adjusting to the circumstances. Or is it an … Read More

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  • Do You Love the Life You Live?

    Do You Love the Life You Live?

    The other week my wife was driving with our 10 and 7 year olds in her car. The 10 year old, out of nowhere, said "I am living the life I want to live." Before my wife could say anything in response, my daughter asked her younger brother if he is living the life he wants to live. His response was "No." That response was followed by the statement "If I was living the life I want to live I would be in Madagascar … Read More

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  • Always take the high road

    Always take the high road

    JW Way # 16. Don't be a jerk- always take the high road. Maintain professionalism at all times. Keep emotions under control. Advocating forcefully for the interests of our clients does not require bullying, condescension, foul language, or temper tantrums. This applies to co-workers, opposing counsel, and vendors. Be a "mensch."

    As I sat down to write about this fundamental, it occurred to me that when … Read More

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  • What is an ego?

    What is an ego?

    By definition, an ego is a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.

    To have an ego is essential to our very makeup. It will define who we are and how we connect with others. Ego becomes an issue when it becomes overpowering.

    Everyone has an ego, whether big or small. The way we display that ego will significantly impact our relationships with one another and the outside world. It also affects our … Read More

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  • Time for an annual "checkup" for you and your company

    Time for an annual "checkup" for you and your company

    By Neal Bookspan

    Last year, many of you probably read my business law blog regarding having a checkup for you and your business. This does not involve the doctor, but it does involve all the other professionals in your personal and business life. Since that time, I decided to make this topic an annual tradition. This is based in part on the range of feedback I received last year.

    Some of you said "What a great … Read More

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