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Patience - Learn it, Live it

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We all know patience is important, but can lose sight of that in the moment. I currently am experiencing this firsthand because we have a puppy in our home. Dealing with a puppy for the first time in many years has provided me with insight into patience with my children and with my work.

In addition to the puppy - and his training challenges - which include an interest in picking items out of garbage cans because it must be fun to chew on, there are children related challenges requiring patience. In these situations, patience can be a challenge on good days. Add in not enough sleep or stress from work and the result can be unplanned blowups which really relate to something other than the situation at hand. This post may have been inspired by a reaction I had, when tired, to a puppy garbage digging adventure .

From there I thought about work and how it seems easier to be patient at work than when dealing with a garbage digging dog! When delegating work to a younger attorney or an assistant, I can provide guidance generally and when the project is due.  However, that doesn’t always result in the timing I want or the level of work product I expect. When that happens, I have the choice to be angry and react accordingly, or take a step back, exercise patience and turn it into a learning moment – yes, right now, this seems easier with people than the puppy. By taking this approach I help the other person learn and thereby help myself and my clients.

Having now put thought into this topic, I hope to have more patience with our puppy, Ghost, who is sweet and cute when not getting into puppy mischief.

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About the Author: Neal Bookspan is a partner at the Phoenix, Arizona law firm of Jaburg Wilk. He assists clients with business issues, commercial litigation, workouts, and bankruptcy litigation. Neal can be reached at 602.248.1000.