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  • Life at Jaburg Wilk

    Life at Jaburg Wilk

    Our Unique Culture

    This is critically important. Our culture is not for everyone. We know that and understand that our values and the values of our employees need to align. This is something that makes us different from other law firms. We insist that all prospective employees thoroughly review the JW Way and talk to multiple JW employees to determine if JW would be a good fit.

    Our firm is run as a Conscious … Read More

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  • Current Alternatives to Reunification Therapy

    Current Alternatives to Reunification Therapy

    Divorces are traumatic to children. During or after a divorce, a child may reject one of their parents by resisting or refusing to engage with that parent. Upon request, Arizona family law judges may appoint a mental health professional to act as a therapeutic interventionist (TI) to reconstruct the relationship or may direct an alternative process such as an intensive reunification programs (IRP) which includes … Read More

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  • Challenges in Managing the CEO's Divorce

    Challenges in Managing the CEO's Divorce

    Representing a high-level executive in his or her divorce presents unique and recurring challenges to a Family Law practitioner. While every client's divorce has its own particular circumstances, representing high net worth senior level executives have certain commonalities among them regardless of their profession and industry. These include the absence of time to devote to divorce-related tasks and difficulties … Read More

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  • Corrective Action Plan

    Corrective Action Plan

    Question: Can I receive a corrective action plan from my employer without prior written or verbal warnings?

    Answer: Yes, an at-will employee in Arizona may be placed on a corrective action plan without any prior warnings.

    Arizona is an employment at will state, meaning that unless there is a written agreement stating that the employee may only be terminated for cause, the employer can terminate an … Read More

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