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What is a Stop Notice?

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Hi, my name is Mark Bogard. I'm a partner with Jaburg & Wilk and my practice areas are focally and construction law and administrative law.

What is a Stop Notice?

In Arizona if you have mechanics lien rights, as a rule of thumb you have the right to issue what's called a stop notice. A stop notice is essentially a lien on money as opposed to a lien on real property. The stop notice is typically issued to either the construction lender or to the owner if the owner is self-funding the construction project. While certain steps are required to serve an effective stop notice, a stop notice is a very effective tool for contractors and suppliers to get paid in Arizona.

About the author: Mark Bogard is a construction law attorney at the Phoenix law firm of Jaburg Wilk. For nearly 20 years he has assisted suppliers, contractors, owners/developers, lenders and registered professionals in virtually all areas of construction law, including payment remedies such as mechanics' liens, payment bonds, stop notices, and "prompt pay" on private and public projects.