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Without your Health you Have Nothing

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The importance of being healthy

We all have good genetics and bad genetics. The thing is, we may only find out what that means as we get older.  Most likely all of us will have adverse health issues at some point in time. So, what can you do about it?

Take care of yourself along the way. Generally, eat healthy and exercise. By generally, I mean that once in a while you enjoy that piece of cake or whatever it is you like that is not the healthiest for you. And, if you eat healthy most of the time, that once in a while indulgence won’t set back your efforts to be healthy.

If you are not sure how to eat healthy, I encourage you to read about healthy eating or see a nutritionist.  This is important because many people think they are eating healthy, and really aren’t. Two important things to keep in mind: (1) there are ways to eat healthy even if you don’t like a lot of fruits or vegetables, and (2) as far as your weight, it mostly relates to eating and a little bit to exercise (though there are many reasons to exercise).

Despite what I just said, you should incorporate exercise into your life. Hopefully, there is an activity you like to do.  If you don’t have something you like to do, you need to try different activities to find one or more things you like to do.  And you need to find time in your week to do them. Most people seem to find that it is easier to make it a routine, whether going to a gym, running, mountain biking, hiking or just walking.

If you start eating healthier and exercising you will feel better. This is true even if you feel good now. The benefit is that when those health bumps hit - and you are in good shape - it likely will make whatever you are dealing with easier to recover from. If you do these things for yourself, it will help you in the long run.

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