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  • Talk to Your Lawyers Now

     Talk to Your Lawyers Now 

    What: Laura Rogal, an attorney at the Phoenix law firm of Jaburg Wilk will be speaking on how to get the most out of the attorney/client relationship.  

    Where: The Quad 6300 E Thomas Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

    When: Thursday February 23, 2017 10:00am - 10:45am 

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  • Do You Have Inspiration?

    Isn't the real answer to that question "Yes, sometimes." That's because the source of inspiration is mostly unknown. That is why it can hit you at times that seem unlikely, such as the middle of the night or when you are in the shower.  

    It is not conscious and sneaks up on you instead. That is why you have to be open to it and embrace it when it comes. If you don't, it is at your own risk of missing … Read More

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  • Why Employers Need Social Media Policies

    Although social media is great for developing business, expanding a brand or building a network, it is not without pitfalls. There are an increasing number of cases where an employee’s use of social media has created problems for the employer. The best practice is to maintain a well-written social media policy.   Real-world problems can and do arise from the use of social media. & … Read More

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  • Joint Legal Decision Making Must Parental Addresses be Disclosed?

    A  recent Arizona Court of Appeals Division Two case  -  Jorgenson and Giannecchini  -  addressed  whether  a wife  was required to disclose her residential address to  her former husband. The opinion is a memorandum decision and it is therefore not precedential; it may however be  cited for persuasive value subject to various limitations.  The issue centered& … Read More

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  • Separate Property and Arizona Marital Community Equitable Lien Rights

    In Weeks v Weeks, Division One of the Arizona Court of Appeals addressed the marital community’s equitable lien against separate property of one spouse. The opinion is a memorandum decision and it is therefore not precedential; it may however be cited for persuasive value subject to various limitations. 

    April and David Weeks were married in March 2004. In June 2004, … Read More

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  • What Creditors Need to Know About Collecting Debt in State Court and Bankruptcy Court?

    Video Transcript:

    What do Creditors Need to Know about Litigation in State Court?

    When proceeding in state court, or where a company hasn’t filed for bankruptcy protection, there can be many issues. It depends if the creditor has an unsecured debt, meaning there is no collateral, or if the debt is securing, meaning there is collateral. In either case, a creditor needs to have good documentation, good … Read More

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  • Why is it Time for an Annual Checkup for Both You and Your Company 2016 Version

    Over the past few years many of you probably read my blog regarding having a checkup for you and your business. This does not involve the doctor, but it does involve all the other professionals in your personal and business life. Since that time, I decided to make this topic an annual tradition. This is based in part on the range of feedback I receive every year. 

    Some of you said "What a great idea. I am … Read More

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  • The Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing

    Anybody who has ever had a child has heard the refrain “but that’s NOT FAIR.”  While the concept of “fairness” plays a big role in how the world should operate in the minds of children, there is sometimes a disconnect between “fairness” and the “justice” that is doled out by the legal system.  One notable exception is the application by the … Read More

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  • Seek Out and Heed Advice

    You can go it alone, but why? We all need help and guidance. You need to have people to go to with questions, to bounce ideas off of and to sound out ideas. It may be a mentor, a friend, a co-worker, well you get the idea. The key is to have one or more people who you trust to advise you and who you will listen to and consider what they say.  

    You are thinking that is obvious. But is it? Think about who … Read More

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  • Do You Know Where Your Data Is Located? Why Knowing is Half the Battle

    Whether you realize it or not, you are probably storing some personal or business data in the cloud. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) defines cloud computing as a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources (e.g., networks, servers, storage, applications, and services) that can be rapidly provisioned and released … Read More

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