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  • 5 Things Every New Parent Needs to Know About Wills

    As a new parent, you naturally want to ensure your new baby’s future in every way. For many new parents, infancy is a time for celebrating new life, and making a will is the last thing on their minds. For others, the process of bringing new life into the world sparks intense feelings of wanting control and needing organization. Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, you might be struggling to figure … Read More

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  • Medical Marijuana Can be a Tricky Issue for Arizona Employers

    In 2010, Arizona voters approved a medical marijuana law that applies to most employers. Generally, the law states that it is unlawful for an Arizona employer to refuse to hire (or terminate) an employee simply because they have a medical marijuana card. There are, however, some important limitations or things to know.

    When Arizona employers are conducting a drug screen for new hires or a random drug test of all … Read More

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  • Intellectual Property 101 for Business Owners

    Although many business owners have a general idea of what intellectual property is, most are not as familiar with the different types of intellectual property and what may be protected. This can be an expensive learning curve given that intellectual property often represents one of the largest asset classes a business owns.

    Intellectual property is generally defined as "creations of the mind." The law protects … Read More

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  • Don’t Judge

    It is easy to judge others and many times we do it unconsciously. A great example is the person driving too fast and who may have cut you off. It is easy to just assume they are an aggressive driver who think wherever they need to be is more important than where you are going. I like to think they have somewhere they need to be, such as rushing to the hospital or something similar. It keeps my blood pressure down … Read More

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  • Why Estate Planning is not Just for the Wealthy and Elderly

    In a youth-focused society, it is difficult to contemplate aging, let alone dying. Many young people assume, incorrectly, that estate planning is just for the elderly or the very wealthy. There are four reasons why everyone - regardless of their age - should consider having at least some estate planning documents prepared.

    Powers of Attorney

    Estate planning is not just death planning. Powers of attorney are … Read More

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  • Are Performance Improvement Plans the Best Practice?

    I often get asked – what is the best way to terminate an employee? Often, the discussion centers around whether the employer should issue a written warning and/or performance improvement plan ("PIP")?

    Many attorneys feel that employers should give the employee at least one written warning and then put them on a PIP. That way, there is a good paper trail. It also gives the employee a chance to correct the … Read More

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  • Do as I Say, Not as I Did

    JW Way Fundamental #23: Always remember that we are in business to serve our clients' profitably.  "The happier our clients are the more likely we are to get paid. Pay attention to billings and to receivables. There is no need to apologize for making money. The goal of every engagement is happy clients AND paid bills."

    When I was in solo practice, I made an Excel spreadsheet tool that I called my " … Read More

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  • Acknowledge Mistakes and Move On

    We all make mistakes. Sometimes others notice, sometimes not. When you do, find a way to learn from it and laugh it off. If you do so, it will pass faster and you can move forward instead of looking backwards.

    The more you let mistakes roll off of your back, other people will forget too. The point is to move forward, fix what you can, or note what you did so you can learn from it. This includes acknowledging … Read More

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  • I Appreciate You

    JW Way Fundamental #26: Show heartfelt appreciation   "Recognize positive contributions of others. Regularly extend meaningful acknowledgment and appreciation. Give sincere, authentic praise."

    O. C Tanner wrote a blog called "The Psychological Effects of Workplace Appreciation & Gratitude." This blog cites several articles and studies that find there is scientific proof of brain boosts simply by … Read More

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  • You Can't Always Get What You Want

    JW Way Fundamental #25: Candidly discuss, then align  "Healthy, respectful discussion creates better solutions. Discuss concepts without personal attacks. Check your ego and search for the best solution rather than proving you are right. Once a decision is made, be fully aligned and completely supportive of it. "

    As the Rolling Stones say, "You can't always get what you want . . . "This concept may be … Read More

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