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  • COVID-19 Provides Employers with Continued I-9 Flexibility

    COVID-19 has caused unprecedented delays in the production of certain employment authorization documents. Both the DHS and ICE have continued with their department's flexibility relative to I-9 documentation and completion.

    I-765 Approval Notices

    In response to such delays, the USCIS is allowing employers to accept Form I-797, Notice of Action with a date on or after December 1, 2019 through August 1, 2020 to … Read More

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  • Is There a Business Doctor in the House? Five Business Health Check Points

    People generally don't go into business because they are good at running businesses. Many people go into business because they are passionate about something and they want to share that passion with the world. Whether it's food, fashion, music, technology, or something else, business owners are good at what they do. The mundane realities of running a business, however, are often overlooked or placed on the back- … Read More

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  • 15 Jaburg Wilk Attorneys Named to 2021 Best Lawyers® List and 6 Lawyers named to 2021 Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch

    Phoenix, AZ, (August 24, 2020) -- Jaburg Wilk is pleased to announce that 15 of their lawyers have been included in the 2021 Edition of The Best Lawyers in America and an additional 6 attorneys have been included in the 2021 Edition of The Best Lawyers in America: Ones to Watch. Since it was first published in 1983, Best Lawyers has become universally regarded as the definitive guide to legal excellence.

    Best … Read More

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  • Everyone on Your Team has Something to Offer if You Let Them

    Teams are important. It takes people to have a team. For a team to perform optimally, each person must have a voice and be allowed to contribute.

    This has been on my mind in relation to a corporate client who, while having a management team, really has a top down decision-making process driven by a single person, the owner. I was asked to participate in a meeting on issues related to a legal matter. Each member … Read More

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  • Moving to Arizona? You May Qualify for In-State Tuition at Arizona Public Universities

    The Arizona Board of Regents governs Arizona's public university system, overseeing Arizona State University, Northern University of Arizona and the University of Arizona. The Board is required by law to establish uniform criterion for determining the residency status of students for tuition purposes. All three public universities employ the same procedures for determining whether students qualify for in-state and … Read More

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  • What Arizona Teachers, Professors, and School Employees Need to Know if They Feel Unsafe Returning to In-person Class Instruction Because of COVID-19

    Many employees of schools and universities are fearful about returning to work due to concerns about contracting COVID-19. There are many state and federal laws that offer protections to these employees.

    There is one particular Arizona law that applies to all employees of Arizona school districts, community college districts, and universities, including teachers and professors. It has a very short ten-day statute … Read More

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  • Disconnect from your Work

    Most of us are connected to our phones, tablets, or computers more than ever right now. From the time we wake up until the time we go to sleep, most of us are a few steps from our office from anywhere in our home. Like many, my summer travel plans were cancelled, taking away a time I actually disconnect from work and email. Losing that time and the current circumstances are wearing on me and those around me. We … Read More

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  • Will Your Vote Count? Member and Manager Voting under Arizona’s New LLC Act

    Arizona's new Limited Liability Company Act (the "New Act"), which goes into effect for all Arizona LLCs on September 1, 2020, and already governs limited liability companies (each an "LLC") formed on or after September 1, 2019, sets forth default provisions regarding member and manager voting that may impact you and your LLC. This article specifically focuses on voting in manager-managed LLCs.

    It is vitally … Read More

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  • Patience

    Imagine you are in a car with others on a long drive, have somewhere to be, and out of nowhere traffic on the highway comes to a stop. What is your first reaction? It may be to curse under your breath (or out loud). It may be to voice your frustration or you may be upset knowing you will be late to your destination.

    I had this happen earlier this week. My first reaction definitely was frustration. But then I sat … Read More

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  • New Arizona Limited Liability Act: Do I Really Need a New Operating Agreement?

    The Revised Arizona Limited Liability Act ("New Act") has been effective since September 1, 2019 for new limited liability companies ("LLCs"). It now becomes effective for any existing LLCs on September 1, 2020. Especially with the pressures of dealing with COVID-19, many business owners are probably thinking about why they have to take on the additional cost of modifying or restating their existing Operating … Read More

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