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  • Ninth Circuit Ruling Reminds Copyright Owners That Failing to Allege Enough Facts Could Cost Them!

    In recent years, federal courts across the U.S. have seen a fair share of copyright infringement lawsuits involving peer-to-peer networks such as BitTorrent. In these cases, the plaintiffs are typically feature film or adult film copyright owners who allege that numerous unknown defendants (sued as John or Jane Does) are liable for copyright infringement by downloading and sharing the copyright owner’s film … Read More

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  • What Exactly is That Rule About Unpublished Decisions and Can’t We Cite Them Now?

    For writers of any legal briefs, there is hardly anything more frustrating than finally finding a case on point, in our jurisdiction, with a “correct” holding to support our argument, but unpublished.  More than 85% of the decisions in the 9th Circuit are unpublished.[i]   For the fiscal year 2017, in Division One of the Arizona Court of Appeals, a total of 621 civil cases … Read More

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  • Changes in Family Law Court Means One Parent Could Make Parenting Decisions

    While Arizona judges had been making some parenting decisions in family law cases for many years, that recently shifted due to recent Arizona Court of Appeals decisions that have far reaching impacts on parents that cannot agree on decisions concerning their children. 

    In the past family law judges could appoint professionals, particularly mental health professionals for children.  The appointment … Read More

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  • Arizona Court of Appeals Holds Insured Waived Objections to UIM Arbitrator’s Alleged Partiality

    The Holding

    In Fisher v. USAA Casualty Insurance Company, 2018 WL 3804114 (Ariz. App. Aug. 7, 2018), a case arising from an underinsured motorist (“UIM”) arbitration, the Arizona Court of Appeals affirmed the trial court’s refusal to vacate an arbitration award because of an arbitrator’s alleged partiality. The Insureds knew about the Arbitrator’s alleged relationship with the … Read More

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  • The Right to Recover Attorney's Fees

    If you talk to anyone who has been a party to a lawsuit, they are almost certainly going to comment as to how expensive it was.  Unless an attorney is hired on a “contingency fee” basis – which is seldom an option in business-related cases, the client must pay his or her attorney based to prosecute or defend their case, based upon the time that is spent by their attorney.  And although … Read More

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  • Don’t Spread Misinformation

    Ignorance rules, allowing misinformation to be a scourge on our society. Sometimes it comes by way of special interests. Many times misinformation is spread by people speaking about things as if they now what they are talking about, but they don’t. This only leads to disagreements in the future because no one can agree on a truth.

    You can help this happen less. The first way is by letting people know when … Read More

  • 2018 Jaburg Wilk Supports Feeding Matters

    PHOENIX, Ariz. (09/28/2018) – The law firm of Jaburg Wilk was pleased to be a presenting sponsor of Feeding Matters 6th Annual community lunch fundraising event. Jaburg Wilk is a longtime supporter of Feeding Matters, and this was its fifth luncheon sponsorship.

    Founded in 2006, Feeding Matters is committed to partnering with families and healthcare professionals to raise awareness … Read More

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  • Without your Health you Have Nothing

    We all have good genetics and bad genetics. The thing is, we may only find out what that means as we get older.  Most likely all of us will have adverse health issues at some point in time. So, what can you do about it?

    Take care of yourself along the way. Generally, eat healthy and exercise. By generally, I mean that once in a while you enjoy that piece of cake or whatever it is you like that is not … Read More

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  • 2018 Jaburg Wilk Supports Child Crisis Arizona


    PHOENIX, Ariz. (9/28/2018) – The law firm of Jaburg Wilk was pleased to be a sponsor of the Child Crisis Arizona’s 2018 Lunch for Love.

    More than 40 years ago, Child Crisis Arizona created their emergency children’s shelter for children up to age 10.  Since then they have provided emergency shelter, foster and adoption programs, Early Head Start programs, … Read More

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  • Don’t Be So Stressed!

    Yes, I know that this can be easier said than done. When I speak with people about their business, I usually hear how well things are going and how great everything is. Many times, what I am hearing is true. Other times there is more to the story.  As we get deeper into the conversation, I learn more, which is - whether or not things are going well - the person is under incredible stress.

    It is … Read More

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