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  • How Pay if Paid Clauses Work in Arizona Construction Law

    Video Transcript:

    Hi, I'm Mark Bogard, I'm a construction law attorney with the law firm Jaburg Wilk.

    What is a "Pay-if-paid" Clause?

    A "pay-if-paid" clause is a condition precedent, at least those are the fancy words that we give it in the courtroom. A condition precedent is simply a condition or something that must occur before something else can happen. In a "pay-if-paid" or a "pay-when-paid" clause … Read More

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  • Does Pokémon GO Lure You in With a Dangerous Privacy Policy and Terms of Use?

    For years, we have been lamenting that our young people spend too much  time indoors playing computer games and not enough time outside or connecting with others.  Yet, those same critics now condemn young Pokémon Go players who venture out on Pokémon hunts for a myriad of perceived sins including inattentiveness and irresponsible behavior. Critics also revel in slamming … Read More

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  • Challenges in Managing the CEO's Divorce

    Representing a high-level executive in his or her divorce presents unique and recurring challenges to a Family Law practitioner. While every client's divorce has its own particular circumstances, representing high net worth senior level executives have certain commonalities among them regardless of their profession and industry. These include the absence of time to devote to divorce-related tasks and difficulties … Read More

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  • Opt Out of the AZ Family Law Court System

    People seeking to be divorced or to resolve other problems in the Family Law Division of the Maricopa County Superior Court in the State of Arizona can find themselves trapped in a system that is not well suited to meet their needs. Despite the best efforts of well-intentioned judicial officers and administrators the fundamental problem is that there are simply too many cases and insufficient resources. In 2015 … Read More

  • Does Your Company Need a Written Social Media Policy?

    Video Transcript:

    Hi, I'm Kraig Marton and I do the employment law here in the firm.

    Should an Employer Have a Written Social Media Policy?

    Absolutely.  Companies should have a social media policy that provides guidelines to the employees about what can and can't be done and what can and can't be said.  Now I also suggest that employers currently check with their counsel because that is in such a … Read More

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  • Right to Sue Letter From the EEOC, Now What?

    A Right to Sue Letter was issued from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission("EEOC") or the Arizona Civil Rights Division ("ACRD"), and you are not sure what to do next.  Here are some things to consider. 

    1. All Is Not Lost

    A Right to Sue letter is issued when the agency cannot determine whether the employer discriminated against an employee. It does not mean a claim is weak. … Read More

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  • What Makes Someone an Expert Witness?

    Video Transcript:

    Hi, my name is Matt Anderson. I'm an attorney at Jaburg Wilk and I devote my practice to a general civil litigation defense practice.

    What Makes Someone an Expert Witness in the Eyes of the Law?

    Arizona follows the Federal Rules of Evidence in this regard and so the general rule is that an expert can be qualified to offer expert opinions through knowledge, education, background, training and … Read More

  • What Can I Do if My Employer Has Not Paid My Wages?

    Question: My employer has not paid my wages.  What can I do?

    Answer: In Arizona, if you are terminated from your position, your employer must pay your wages within seven days of your last working day or the next payday, whichever is sooner.

    However, if you voluntarily quit your job, your employer may pay you on your next regularly scheduled payday.  

    If you have not been timely paid, you … Read More

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  • Child Support: Who Pays the Travel Costs

    Video Transcript:

    Do I Have to Pay Travel Costs for my Children to See Me?

    Do I have to pay travel costs for my children to see me or their other parent? The cost of traveling comes up more frequently now than I previously remember it did.  This becomes a big consideration as you start talking about airline flights and the cost of transportation. The court is not required to study transportation costs; … Read More

  • How the Affordable Care Act Impacts COBRA

    Video Transcript:

    Hi, my name is Kraig Marton.  I'm the head of the employment law section at our firm.  As such I represent both employees and small to mid-size employers in all kinds of employment matters.

    How has the Affordable Care Act influenced or changed COBRA coverage?

    COBRA is a federal statute that gives employees certain rights and it has not really changed under the Act but, as a practical … Read More

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