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  • Arizona's "Whistleblower" Laws: Tread Carefully

    A "whistleblower" is someone who reports to management (or in some cases state and federal agencies) that they believe someone in their company is engaged in illegal conduct. There are numerous federal statutes that provide remedies to employees who are terminated or retaliated against for "blowing the whistle." For example, the Sarbanes Oaxley Act prohibits publicly traded companies from discriminating against an … Read More

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  • Jaburg Wilk Welcomes Real Estate and Commercial Litigation Attorney

    PHOENIX, Ariz. (May 4 , 2015)- The law firm of Jaburg Wilk announced that Tom Moring joined the firm as a Partner whose practice emphasizes complex real estate and commercial disputes.

    Moring has extensive experience in managing and performing all aspects of litigation.  He began his career at one of the largest law firms in the country before founding his own practice in 2006. He looks forward to being able … Read More

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  • Employers Beware! Government Agencies Are Out To Bust You For Misclassifying Your Employees As Independent Contractors

    Both federal and state labor authorities are hot on the trail of companies who hire employees and call them "independent contractors."  The United States Department of Labor (DOL) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with a number of states, including Arizona, mandating the enforcement of laws pertaining to properly classifying employees as employees.  The DOL and these states have made this … Read More

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  • Why Being at Work, While Anticipating Fun, Or Make Life/Work Balance a Goal

    Some of you may be asking, what does he mean? Some of you may be saying, life/work balance, good luck! What I mean is being on the edge of having fun, vacation, just not working for a day, etc. What I'm really talking about his life/work balance.

    We all work hard. At least I like to think that we do. One of the things that helps me stay focused at work is the knowledge that I have planned breaks, whether taking a … Read More

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  • Don't be a Jerk - Always Take the High Road

    By Ash Langenberg

    Maintain professionalism at all times. Keep emotions under control. Advocating forcefully for the interest of our clients does not require bullying, condescension, foul language, or temper tantrums. This applies to co-workers, opposing counsel, and vendors. Be a "mensch".

    This week's JW way really intrigues me. I have often wondered how some people can't see the effects their words and actions … Read More

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  • What is a "Non-Disparagement" Clause and Why You May Not Want to Sign One

    By David Farren

    You settle your case, and the defendant agrees to pay you a lot of money. All that’s left to do is to sign a “standard” settlement agreement prepared by the defendant’s attorney. You get to page 10 and see a paragraph titled “No Disparagement.” You see that this means neither party will “disparage” the other . . . ever. You call your attorney, who … Read More

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  • Why are Life and Business so Taxing?

    Yes, I know the title is a bit cheesy, but it is April 15, and, of course, I mean something else: Why is it so hard to be successful?

    Life is hard. Work is hard. Business is hard. Being successful is hard, let alone getting "ahead." And working hard doesn't mean you will be successful or get ahead, but it sure doesn't hurt.

    You need to put in time and do so smartly, whether in your business or personal life. & … Read More

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  • Arizona’s New Construction Defect Law is Effective the Summer of 2015

    On March 23, 2015, Arizona Governor, Doug Ducey, signed into law House Bill 2578. This new legislation relates specifically to Arizona's construction defect claims and revises the Purchaser Dwelling Actions statute - ARS § 12-1361, et al. The new law is effective the summer of 2015.

    The intent of this new law is to limit the number of construction defect lawsuits brought by homeowners. However, expansion of … Read More

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  • Jaburg Wilk Shareholder to Perform at Rats Rods & Rock N’ Roll Event

    Phoenix, AZ (April 7, 2015)- Jaburg Wilk Shareholder and member of Los Huevos Surf Band Roger Cohen will be performing at ‘Rats Rods & Rock N’ Roll’ Car & Bike Show on Saturday, April 18th from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Superstition Harley-Davidson located at 2910 W. Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ 85120. 

    ‘Rats Rods & Rock N’ Roll’ is an event hosted by … Read More

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  • We're in a Business to Serve Clients Profitably

    There are attorneys and firms that think of themselves as "professionals" and ignore the business aspects of practicing law and there are attorneys and firms that only think about making money. We are neither! We are professionals that understand that you make money by creating a great client experience, which translates to "happy clients" that want to pay their bills. 

    Creating a great client experience … Read More

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