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  • To Get the Story You Have to Ask Questions

    We are all good at telling a story, especially our own story. We are not as good at actively listening to others tell a story. This is true even when we are being paid to listen.

    This is why it is important to remember how important it is to listen, which also means asking questions, especially the right questions. What the right questions are depends on the situation.

    If it is in a personal setting, you should … Read More

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  • Criticize Constructively and Not in Front of Others

    I always hope to learn from my mistakes. Similarly, anything I count as a failure in my career has been a great learning experience. There have been moments where I have received constructive criticism, which helped me, because I was open to hearing it. I feel lucky that the people who provided this type of feedback to me, did it in a professional and meaningful way.

    They both complimented and criticized me … Read More

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  • Why Beneficiary Designations Should be Updated After Divorce


    While in the process of divorcing, your attorney will remind you that you cannot change beneficiary designations on your accounts until the divorce is finalized.  It is not uncommon to want to put the divorce out of your mind, especially if your divorce has lasted a long time. However, while you may want to not think about it, remember that you need to change your beneficiary designations immediately.

    & … Read More

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  • Jaburg Wilk Partner Named To 2018 Influential Women List

    PHOENIX, Ariz. (07/20/2018) – Phoenix law firm Jaburg Wilk  partner, Stephanie Fierro,was recently named one of the top forty most influential women in Arizona for 2018 by Arizona Big Media. The most influential women are business leaders and selected for their professional excellence, innovation and community impact. 

    Stephanie assists her business clients with general … Read More

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  • Arizona Supreme Court Holds Contractual Liability Exclusion Does Not Apply to Breach of Duty to Reasonably Construct Home

    The Holding

    In Teufel v. Am. Family Mut. Ins. Co., 244 Ariz. 383, 419 P.3d 546 (2018), the Arizona Supreme Court recently held that a Contractual Liability Exclusion in homeowner policies did not apply to a claim for negligent excavation against the Insured, an alleged builder-vendor, because the claim arose from the Insured’s alleged breach of a common law duty to construct a home as a reasonable builder … Read More

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  • Real Estate Professionals Using Smart Technology Seminar

    Laura Rogal joins a panel of experts discussing how real estate professionals can use smart technology. They will be addressing the use of technology to advertise while remaining compliant with Fair Housing rules and regulations. Additionally, they will discuss how proprietary information and data needs to be protected.  

    What: The Industry Revolution: Smart Technology, Big Data, Drones & … Read More

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  • Supervised Parenting Time – What it is and What it is Not

    In Arizona, parents who are no longer married or not living together share parenting of their minor children.  Sometimes they share equally and sometimes disproportionately with one of the parents possibly due to work schedules or maybe, because one parent is not as involved with the minor children as the other parent. Typically, each parent makes day-to-day decisions while he or she is exercising … Read More

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  • SCOTUS Says States Can Charge Sales Tax on Online Purchases

    Taxes and the internet are not two things typically lumped together. However, last week, the Supreme Court addressed those two issues in the case of South Dakota v. Wayfair, when it re-evaluated the question from a 1992 Supreme Court case as to whether state taxes must be collected if the seller isn’t physically located within the state. Twenty-six years ago, the Supreme Court ruled in Quill Corp. v. … Read More

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  • Four Points Every Arizona Subcontractor Must Know About Construction Defect Claims

    Residential Construction Defect (“CD”) litigation begins when unsatisfied homeowners file claims against the developer/general contractor (“GC”) for alleged construction defects. A common misconception amongst subcontractors is that CD claims and lawsuits are matters to be dealt with by the subcontractor’s insurer, and are not the concern of the individual subcontractor. This could … Read More

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  • Born in the USA: When Can Products Be Marketed as “Made in the USA”?

    Marketing a product as “Made in the USA” or “Made in America” can provide a competitive advantage to companies using the designation. Some view the designation as signifying a safer or higher-quality product. Many consider the act of purchasing such products patriotic—supporting jobs and industry at home rather than overseas. Because of these potential competitive benefits, there are … Read More

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