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  • When Bankruptcy Beckons

    I. Introduction

    Little attention has been devoted to the relationship between the Registrar of Contractor's Recovery Fund and bankruptcy.  The recession required new attention to the interplay between bankruptcy and the ROC.

    II. The Customer's Options

    First of all, even before that customer receives formal notice of a bankruptcy filing, if you have received word informally, you need to immediately confirm … Read More

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  • Five Steps to Avoid and Minimize Probate and Trust Disputes

    Probate and trust litigation can turn families into enemies and convert inheritances into attorneys' fees.  These disputes can fueled by sibling rivalry, blended families, family grudges, financial need, entitlement, revenge, greed, or spite.  Litigators have a bird's eye view of the issues which fuel such disputes and are often able to anticipate potential issues before they erupt, so they might be … Read More

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  • So I loaned my friend $25,000 and just found out he is going to file bankruptcy. Now what???

    Because he is my friend, he offered to settle and pay me outside of the bankruptcy and he agreed to not include my debt in the bankruptcy case. Can I do this?

    No. Once a bankruptcy case is filed an automatic stay goes into effect, whether or not you have actual notice of the bankruptcy filing, which prevents you from taking any action to collect your debt, including negotiating a settlement. If you engage in … Read More

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  • In Arizona, Employers Are Required to Pay Earned Wages to Employees

    By Kraig Marton and Jeffrey Silence

    When you left your last job, did your former employer pay you everything you were owed? If not, your former employer faces serious consequences under state and federal laws. When an employee quits or is even fired for cause, employers are required to pay their former employee everything they are owed, including wages, commissions, bonuses, and other agreed upon … Read More

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  • Why Every Employer Needs a Social Media Policy

    In 2012, most employers are engaging the public with social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These social media sites can be cost effective ways to generate new business in a world where people spend more time on social media sites than ever. Indeed, social media is no longer an option, it is a necessity. Although social media is great for developing your business, it is not without its pitfalls. … Read More

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  • How to Maximize Value for Your Attorney Fee Dollars: Tips to Decrease your Legal Bill

    If you are faced with needing the services of an attorney either for a personal matter or a business matter, the cost of quality legal services may seem expensive  The more educated you are about purchasing legal services, the more value you will receive.  The following are 10 important considerations when hiring an attorney.

    Know when to use a lawyer

    The old cliché of "an ounce of prevention is … Read More

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  • Answers to Top Business Issues

    As a business owner, you are under pressure to either maintain your existing base or expand your business. Increased sales, good employee relations, firm financial footing are all important components to your business' continued success and may take the majority of your time. Critical tasks, such as handling important legal matters may fall by the wayside. Building a strong legal foundation now will potentially … Read More

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  • Forced Buyouts in a Business Divorce - Valuable Weapon or Trap for the Unwary?

    Many part-owners of a business are not aware that, as shareholder of an Arizona corporation, they gain the right to seek to dissolve the corporation under certain circumstances, but at the same time subject themselves to mandatory buyout procedures which do not apply to other types of business organizations.

    Judicially Dissolving an AZ Corporation

    Under the Arizona Corporation Statute, A.R.S. § 10-1430(C), … Read More

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  • Privacy During a Divorce: Illusion

    The National Security Agency (NSA) was recently in the news when Edward Snowden disclosed that the United States have been spying on U.S. Citizens and foreign diplomats visiting the United States.  American citizens were outraged as well as understanding, which is a balance between the desire to be safe and the desire to retain privacy.  This news lead me to the consideration of the privacy of parties … Read More

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  • How Long Will My Divorce Take in Maricopa County?

    The length of a divorce proceeding in Maricopa County is dependent on several factors.

    The first factor is dependent on the spouses.  The increased conflict and animosity between spouses, along with attachment to certain outcomes create more controversy.  The more controversy or issues there are, the longer it takes to resolve the matter. The Court's calendar will also impact how long it takes to … Read More

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