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  • Back to School

    In Arizona, the majority of K through 12th grade students went back to school this week. Here, in some circles and professions, it is as if this week marks the start of working hard through the end of the year, i.e. we coasted through the summer and now it is time to get back to work. But "back to school" can mean many things. Are you a lifetime learner always trying to improve? Do you need to … Read More

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  • Five Jaburg Wilk Attorneys Named to 2015 Best Lawyers® in America List

    Phoenix, AZ (Sept. 3, 2014)- Jaburg Wilk is pleased to announce that five lawyers have been named to the 2015 Edition of Best Lawyers, the oldest and most respected peer-review publication in the legal profession.

    Best Lawyers has published their list for over three decades, earning the respect of the profession, the media, and the public as the most reliable, unbiased source of legal referrals. Its first … Read More

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  • What is an Appeal and Why Do I Need an Appeals Lawyer?

    By Kathi M. Sandweiss

    An appeal is a request for a higher court to review a lower court's decision. An appeals lawyer handles cases on appeal when a party loses or is unhappy with some part of the decision made by the lower court. The appeals court reviews the record made in the trial court. Nothing new can be added to the record; this is not the time to add new facts or evidence. The appeal is not a trial … Read More

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  • Bankruptcy and Real Estate Lease

    Impact of Bankruptcy on a Real Estate Lease

    A bankruptcy filing by either a lessor or a lessee has the potential of severely disrupting the rights and obligations of the parties under that lease. This observation is neither surprising nor shocking, but bankruptcy's impact on a commercial lease relationship can be disconcerting and potentially very frustrating to a party or an attorney not aware of the bankruptcy … Read More

  • Want to Sell Stock in Your Business But Keep Control? Consider an ESOP

    In a closely held corporation, a time may come when the owner wants to sell stock in the company but still maintain control. This might occur, for example, when the owner plans to retire soon or simply seeks a way to raise capital. But an owner may be hard-pressed to find an outside investor. Selling stock to other shareholders may be an option, but in many cases the best way is to sell stock to employees through … Read More

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  • Toxic Mold can Infect Your Bottom Line

    Toxic mold and asbestos have nothing in common from a biochemical viewpoint. But from a business perspective, they share one big thing. Both cause expensive legal problems for insurers, construction companies, property developers, building owners and managers, landlords, contractors and subcontractors, school districts, suppliers, investors, lenders and employers.

    Understand the Surge

    In the past few years, … Read More

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  • A Primer on Choice of Business Entity

    Types of Business Organizations

    When organizing a new business, one of the most important decisions to be made is choosing the structure of a business. Factors influencing your decision about your business organization include:

    Legal restrictions

    Liabilities assumed

    Type of business operation

    Earnings distribution

    Capital needs

    Number of employees

    Tax advantages or disadvantages

    Length of business … Read More

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  • Answers to Top Business Issues

    As a business owner, you are under pressure to either maintain your existing base or expand your business. Increased sales, good employee relations, firm financial footing are all important components to your business' continued success and may take the majority of your time. Critical tasks, such as handling important legal matters may fall by the wayside. Building a strong legal foundation now will potentially … Read More

  • 10 Tips on How to Make Your Professional Business Partners Your Risk Manager

    For many business owners, the day to day focus of operating and growing your business takes precedence over everything else.  Minor issues are quickly forgotten and not addressed.  Sometimes this is harmless and other times, minor problems if they are ignored, fester and become major problems that can result in lawsuits or government intervention.  Using a team of professionals - such as your … Read More

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  • A Legal Audit Can Prevent Costly Legal Problems

    Preventive medicine means visiting your doctor once a year or so for a checkup, even if you're not sick or injured. Preventive maintenance means taking your car to a mechanic for a tune-up every 15,000 miles, even if it seems to be running smoothly. And preventive law means doing something now instead of waiting until you get sued, fined or indicted. That something is conducting a legal audit to prevent disputes … Read More

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