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  • Potential Benefits of Divorce Mediation

    Divorce mediation is a process of resolving disputes by engaging a neutral third party who acts as a facilitator, assisting the divorcing spouses in reaching an agreement.

    This is a voluntary process, meaning both parties must agree in order for it to occur. Unlike arbitration, the mediator is not empowered to make any decisions.  Because mediators are by definition "neutral", they should not give legal … Read More

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  • What is Community Property Law in Arizona and Why Does it Matter?

    Arizona is a community property state and community property law controls the division of all assets of your marital estate.

    Community property law sets forth a presumption that all real and personal property acquired during marriage is community property - meaning that the "property" is owned 50% by Husband and 50% by Wife.  "Property" is not limited to houses and cars, but also includes businesses, … Read More

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  • Business Valuation in Divorce Choosing a Valuation Expert

    Whenever a privately held business is among the assets in a dissolution proceeding, certain fundamental issues must be addressed in the context of determining the value of the business. [1]If the business is relatively small in terms of the gross revenue it generates, the first issue is often whether the business is worth valuing.

    The cost of having a qualified professional value the business and produce a … Read More

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  • Arizona's Child Support Guidelines What Every Parent Should Know

    By:Mitchell Reichman

    Arizona law requires custodial and non-custodial parents to provide "reasonable support" for their minor children. A.R.S. § 25-501(A). This obligation is not avoidable. In the midst of a divorce, the right to receive this support and the amount owed by each parent can be overlooked. To ensure that parents prioritize their obligations to their children, Arizona courts impose the "best … Read More

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  • How is Spousal Maintenance Determined?

    Nothing is more difficult than predicting what a judge will decide is the appropriate spousal maintenance award on any given set of facts.  This uncertainty can be traced to the statutory factors that a judge is compelled to consider to decide if a person is entitled to receive spousal maintenance and if so, the amount and duration of the award.  The factors, as set forth in A.R.S. §25-319(B) and … Read More

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  • Successfully Employing Mediation to Settle Issues in Your Divorce

    Getting divorced can be both emotionally exhausting and financially devastating.  Couples may consider mediation as one method to transverse through the dissolution of their marriage with less acrimony and potentially at lower cost to the divorcing couple.

    We often attempt to resolve divorce cases through mediation and in most cases we achieve that goal.  Generally, there are strategies that help … Read More

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  • Why Arizona Business Owners Need a Premarital Agreement

    Arizona is a community property state which means all property acquired by either spouse during the marriage is, by statute, presumed to be community property. The characterization of property as either sole and separate property or community property is established at the time the property is acquired. Accordingly, in divorces when one of the spouses is the owner of a business established prior to the marriage, … Read More

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  • Use of a Jointly Engaged Valuation Expert in a Divorce: How to Make the Process Work

    In recent years it has become more common for divorcing spouses to agree to jointly engage one expert to value the marital interest in a business or professional practice.  While choosing one expert is not suitable for all situations, the potential benefits of using one expert include saving time in the process, reducing the cost of the valuation and increasing the possibility of negotiating a resolution … Read More

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  • Does It Matter Who Files First in a Divorce Proceeding?

    As far as the outcome is concerned, it should make no difference which party chooses to file the petition for divorce.  However, one of the parties is able to control the process, the person filing (known as the Petitioner) is ultimately able to control the initial portion of their dissolution case.

    Advantages of Being the Petitioner

    Firstly, at any proceeding before the court, the Petitioner has the first … Read More

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  • Can I Handle My Own Divorce Without a Lawyer?

    The simple answer is yes. The better question is whether or not it is advisable to handle your own divorce.  In short, the answer is no - it is not advisable.

    If your case involves any of the items listed below, it is highly recommended that you retain (or at least consult) competent counsel:

    Business Valuation

    Legal Decision Making issues (custody)

    Parenting Time

    Spousal Maintenance

    Child Support … Read More

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