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  • Better Safe Than Sorry Always File UCC Termination Statements

    If you are negotiating a new business loan, you know that your due diligence investigation on the borrower should include a search of the Secretary of State's records* to confirm that the assets being pledged as collateral are "free and clear" and not subject to the security interest or other lien of another lender, lessor or other secured party.  A UCC lien search of the Secretary of State's records will … Read More

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  • Letter of Intent - Prelude to Buying a Business

    Buying another business is one way you can enter new markets, acquire needed technology, subsume a competitor, integrate vertically or simply expand. A proposed transaction is often initially outlined in a letter of intent. This document broadly outlines the terms agreed on during preliminary negotiations and protects the deal during the last phases: due diligence, formal purchase offer and final negotiations. A … Read More

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  • Limited Liability Company May Protect Your Assets from Creditors Careful Planning Can Minimize Your Risk

    A large component of asset protection planning is designed to help protect your business and investment assets from claims by your personal creditors.  If you have a corporation and a creditor gets a personal judgment against you, the creditor can seize the stock of your corporation.  If you are the sole owner and your business is held in a corporation, it can be taken over and operated, managed or … Read More

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  • Business Succession Planning

    While developing a business succession plan is essential for every business, it is often lost in the day to day focus of business operations. It is vital for family owned or closely held businesses to have a clear, concise and documented succession plan. Family owned businesses may provide unique challenges. Typically, the founders would like to pass the business to their children, regardless of their skills or … Read More

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  • Planning for the Future of Your Business

    In an economic downturn, individuals and business owners may question whether or not it is a good investment to spend time and resources on an estate or business succession plan. Actually, it is an excellent time. First, business may have slowed down enough for the owners to focus on the next generation ownership and secondly, your estate may be able to take advantage of lower valuations to transfer assets. … Read More

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  • Creating an LLC? Maybe Not as Easy as it Looks

    If you are considering forming a new company, many people decide that a limited liability company (LLC) will be the best type of company structure for them.  However, selecting to form a LLC may be the easy part!  There are many considerations when setting up your LLC.  We've listed just a few below.

    Should your LLC be member managed or manager managed?

    If there is more than one member,

    Which … Read More

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  • Upcoming Seminars

    Upcoming Seminars

    International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators 2014 Conference

    Lauren Garner will be speaking at the International Association of Financial Crimes 2014 conference on August 25, 2014 from 8:10 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge in Phoenix.  She will be speaking on Elder Abuse.

    Ready Set Go Summit "Launching Your Business"

    Laura Rogal is presenting " … Read More

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  • Recent Seminars

    Recent Seminars

    What Authors and Publishers Need to Know About Copyright and Other Legal Issues - Intellectual Property

    Maria Crimi Speth spoke at the Book Street Cafe and the webinar is available now for you to view! In the webinar she outlines the four main areas of intellectual property law and the interplay between those areas-all as it relates to publishers and authors.  Go to bookstreetcafe.com to check … Read More

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  • On Demand Seminars

    On Demand Seminars

    CEO Space - Intellectual Property

    Maria Crimi Speth continues to teach a course on trademarks, copyright and patent law at CEO Space's educational retreats, which are currently being offered five times per year.  To learn more about CEO Space, visit ceospaceaz.net. Contact Maria at mcs@jaburgwilk.com for more information.

    Intellectual Property Law

    Intellectual property attorney, … Read More

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  • Health Care Power of Attorney and Living Wills

    No one wants to contemplate becoming seriously ill or disabled, but the reality is this difficult subject needs to be addressed with spouses, significant others and family members. It is important to make decisions regarding what wishes are while healthy.  The Arizona Secretary of State allows you to register, free of charge, living wills and medical power of attorneys on their web site.  Simply go to … Read More

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