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  • Turn On, Tune In, and Drop Out on Your Vacation: Vacation ≠ Work

    Do you vacation at least once or twice a year? You should. Your body and brain need a break. Most of us work hard, but are not built to work every single day without some downtime. If you have a family, they may even want to spend some time with you!

    I was speaking with another attorney recently who was lamenting about an upcoming vacation with his wife and kids. He was complaining about what he had to get done … Read More

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  • Jaburg Wilk Names Three New Partners

    PHOENIX, Ariz. (07/01/2018) – Jaburg Wilk named three attorneys – Micalann C. Pepe, Jeffrey Silence and Michael Dvoren - as partners of the firm effective July 1, 2018.

    Micalann Pepe is an insurance, litigation, and business law attorney and represents her insurer clients in insurance coverage disputes and bad faith litigation. She graduated from Arizona State University, Sandra Day O’Connor … Read More

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  • Arizona Court of Appeals Holds Multiple Negligent Acts Constitute a Single Occurrence Under CGL Policy

    The Holding

    In Cincinnati Indem. Co. v. Southwestern Line Constructors Joint Apprenticeship and Training Program, et al, 2018 WL 2330627 (May 31, 2018), the Arizona Court of Appeals upheld summary judgment granted to an insurer because, under the Policy’s definition of “occurrence” as an “accident,” a single event caused by several independent acts constitutes a single … Read More

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  • Be Nice

    Life seems to be made up of many rules, written and unwritten. Most are a matter of common sense, like just being nice to people you meet and deal with. It sounds so obvious you may be asking yourself why I would spend time even mentioning it. Despite being obvious, I’ll bet someone just came to mind who you dealt with recently and the dealings were unpleasant because the other person just wasn’t nice. … Read More

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  • Everyone is Doing Business Online, and Most People are Doing it Wrong - 5 Practical Steps to Protect Your Customer Data

    Data breaches are inevitable. 2017 was the “year of the data breach,” with more exposure of personally identifiable information (“PII”) than ever before. If you were one of the 30% of US-based consumers who were notified of a data breach, it isn’t comforting to know that you aren’t alone in your plight. As a business owner, the feeling is even worse when you identify the … Read More

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  • Five Tips to Not Let Your Marijuana Trademarks Get Vaporized

    Whether operating in states that allow medical marijuana like Arizona or in states that allow it both medically and recreationally like Colorado, business owners in the marijuana industry want to protect their brands just like any other business. Unlike other industries though, the marijuana industry still exists in a legal gray area due to conflicting state and federal laws. As such, protecting marijuana related … Read More

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  • Nate Meyer Presenting on Bad Faith Quandaries that May Arise in Auto Injury Litigation

    Nate’s presentation will focus on potential issues in auto injury litigation cases. He will address Damron, Morris and Helme Agreements; bad faith “set-ups”; attorney fee “set-ups”; and the implied waiver of the attorney client privilege.

    What: Bad Faith Quandaries in Auto Injury Litigation

    When: June 22, 2018 - 1:30 p.m.

    Where: Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites, 3220 South 48th … Read More

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  • Change is an Opportunity

    Recently, I met with an attorney I know. She had switched firms, going back to one she had worked for previously. I was surprised because she seemed happy at her last firm. It turns out she was generally happy, but some colleagues she liked were changing firms and a call came at the right time to get her to consider leaving. She did and does, seems invigorated from the change of scenery.

    Now this attorney may be … Read More

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  • How to Avoid Summer Parenting Time Vacation Conflicts

    Frequently I am asked by parents whether or not they need to disclose where they are going for vacation to the other parent.   In Arizona, most divorce decrees include a provision that requires a traveling parent to disclose an itinerary if he/she is traveling more than 100 miles or out of state. Some decrees will require more specific information such as the mode of travel (including flight … Read More

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  • Construction Defect Litigation 101 Seminar

    This webinar begins by identifying and defining construction defects, examining applicable laws and significant court rulings. It then looks at indemnity provisions and coverage issues in construction defect claims. The webinar breaks down litigation and discusses allegations, defenses and how to prove your case. Ethical issues surrounding these kinds of cases are also explored.  It is understandable even … Read More

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