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  • Confidence is Important in Life and Success

    Winners have confidence. They know they won't always win.  They realize risk is part of the equation. And they realize that we are all human, all equal and someone has to take the lead - it might as well be them. 

    It's up to you to be confident or not, because confidence cannot be instilled by others. Confidence is something you create within yourself by … Read More

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  • Eighteen Jaburg Wilk Attorneys Named 2018 Southwest Super Lawyers

    Phoenix, Arizona (April 23, 2018) - Phoenix law firm Jaburg Wilk has eighteen attorneys named as either a 2018 Southwest Super Lawyer or 2018 Rising Star. 

    The 2018 listing of Southwest Super Lawyers includes – Neal Bookspan, Jason Castle, Roger Cohen, Lauren Garner, Laurence Hirsch, Kraig Marton, Nathan D. Meyer, Mitchell Reichman, Maria Crimi Speth  … Read More

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  • How is Child Support and Alimony Determined in Arizona?

    When divorcing couples have minor children, frequently the amount of child support is an issue in the divorce.  In Arizona, child support can be estimated using the Arizona Child Support guidelines. The courts provide a free calculator that can be used to determine what a divorcing parent's child support obligations might be.  They consider amount of time with each parent, … Read More

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  • Meeting Expectations Shows Clients You Care

    I previously have mentioned that my firm has 21 fundamentals that are the foundation of our culture. We call it the JW Way.  Our JW Way #3 is Be Passionate About the Client Experience. Without clients or customers none of us would have a job.

    We all have them. Whoever you work for is your "client." For me, I have clients. You may have customers. If you work at a company and report to an internal … Read More

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  • What’s in a Name? Trademark Strength in the Blockchain Space

    Following the recent investment frenzy in cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology has seemingly reached mainstream status. Many different uses for this technology have emerged and are disrupting public and private-sector industries across the globe. Hundreds of new businesses are created in this space annually, and blockchain related trademark filings in the U.S. are increasing. Despite the increasing quantity, … Read More

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  • Compliance with Contractual Provisions to Procure Insurance: The Illusion of Coverage Provided by Certificates of Insurance

    Commercial contracts often require the party with less bargaining power to procure insurance for the party with more bargaining power as a way to shift risk and potential liability. General Contractors often require a Subcontractor's policy to name the General Contractor as an "Additional Insured." Lenders often require a Borrower's policy to name the Lender as a "Loss Payee."  Landlords sometimes … Read More

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  • How to Have Difficult Conversations

    Things that are hard to say usually are the most important. Because of this, many people avoid difficult conversations in business and their personal lives. To effectively manage people, in business or personal relationships, you need to be able to speak about important matters. Letting important matters go unspoken is problematic for numerous reasons.

    The problems include the potential for people you manage to … Read More

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  • Lauren Garner Leads Estate Planning and Probate Seminar

    Lauren Garner, will address some of the particular issues that arise in mediating contested probate and trust matters and how to prepare and advocate for your clients in mediation. We will discuss various "settlement" opportunities available in Maricopa County; statutory and regulatory obligations for ADR, and specific types of cases that may be mediated. We will also cover the timing of mediation, preparing for … Read More

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  • Fitting in is Highly Overrated

    Peer pressure starts when you are young and can impact you throughout your life if you let it. We all want to fit in and be in the “in” crowd, whether it is in high school or in our professional lives. You know what I am talking about. 

    Fitting in can get you places at times, but in the long run it usually means you are one of the pack and don’t “stand out.” Most leaders do not … Read More

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  • Monitoring Employee Electronic Communications

    A growing number of employers monitor and review their employees’ electronic communications, including telephone calls, emails and internet use, while at work or working away from the office. They cite a number of legitimate business reasons for doing this, such as:

    Maintaining employee productivity by minimizing personal use of the employer’s telephone and computer systems;

    Ensuring compliance … Read More

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