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  • 'Zeran v. AOL': The Anti-Circumvention Tool

    If I were an expert survivalist who was offered one tool to survive alone in the elements, I would probably choose a fire starter … but maybe a knife, a pot, or duct tape. Really, I would want all of those items because no one tool has the versatility I would want. But, for an expert in defending website operators from against claims, choosing one tool is easy. Zeran v. AOL is the survivalist’s … Read More

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  • Try to Be Different Not Better

    I know you may be thinking I want to be seen as different by my peers. But showing people you’re different will go a long way to proving you are better. For instance, I’ve written about my firm’s intentional culture known as the JW Way because it makes us different than most other law firms. 

    What I’ve found is that most potential clients and referral sources are attracted to the JW … Read More

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  • Arizona District Court Denies Motion to Remand in Bad Faith Case, Despite Plaintiff Seeking Only $57,000 in Compensatory Damages

    The Holding

    In Hoarau v. Safeco Ins. Co. of America, 2017 WL 3328078 (D.Ariz. August 4, 2017), the Arizona District Court denied an insured's Motion to Remand in an insurance bad faith, punitive damages, and declaratory judgment case.  

    The Takeaway

    Insurers may consider attorney fees and punitive damages when considering whether a case on the borderline of the $75,000 minimum amount in … Read More

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  • Invest Time in Yourself to Lower Stress Levels

    There is the old proverb “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Hundreds of years ago when this proverb came into use it meant that if you only work you would be bored or boring. My point to you is different: All work and no play makes Jack a stressed boy or Jane a stressed girl. This is something you know, but are you willing to try new steps to lower your stress level?

    Many … Read More

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  • Obtaining Additional Time for a Family Law Hearing: What You Need to Know

    The Facts

    In Reyes v. Neill 1, Division One of the Arizona Court of Appeals addressed the question of whether the Court abused its discretion by failing to permit adequate time for the parties to present testimony and cross-examine witnesses at an evidentiary hearing. The opinion is a memorandum decision and is therefore not precedential; however, it may be cited for persuasive value subject to various … Read More

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  • Read All the Time

    Sometimes it is what you know, despite the universally repeated cliché “everything is who you know, not what you know.” Who you know is important, but what are you going to speak about with the people you know or meet? What you know, of course. The more you know, the more topics you can speak intelligently on with those you know and meet. This is important in the real world.

    And what should you … Read More

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  • Jaburg Wilk Supports ASU Hillel

    PHOENIX, Ariz. (11/14/2017) – The law firm of Jaburg Wilk was presenting sponsor of the recent ASU Hillel’s fall fundraising event - Birdies, Bites and Brews held at Top Golf.

    ASU Hillel celebrates diversity and welcomes students from all backgrounds.  They support these students by offering leadership development and professional mentoring.  Additionally they provide religious, cultural and … Read More

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  • Arizona Allows Insured to Avoid Removal by Naming Adjuster as Defendant

    The Holding 

    In Chukly v. American Family Mut. Ins. Co., 2017 WL 3262541 (D.Ariz. Aug. 1, 2017) (Order), a breach of contract and insurance bad faith case arising from a homeowners claim after a microburst and “massive rain,” the Arizona District Court ruled that aiding and abetting claims against a non-diverse claims manager and a non-diverse adjuster were not fraudulently joined and … Read More

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  • Family Law Practice in a Values-Based Culture

    Once most non-family law attorneys find out my specialty, they say “I would never do what you do!" Given that they’re on the outside looking in, it is easy to understand why so many lawyers feel that way. For those of us who have found our calling in helping people achieve sufficiently successful outcomes to thrive after the end of an important relationship - their marriage - it is hard to imagine … Read More

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  • Routine Makes You More Productive

    You know this intuitively. If each day you have to do the same task(s), figuring out the best time of day, time frame and way to do those tasks will help you be more productive. The more you get done, likely the less stress you will have, which is good for you and everyone you deal with.  

    For instance, when I first get into my office each morning I address my email inbox to determine who I need to respond … Read More

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