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Jason has been practicing family law and criminal defense for more than a decade whereby he has handled all types of family law matters from simple to complex. Jason’s primary focus involves complex and high conflict custody issues including cases involving allegations of abuse and/or neglect.  Prior to starting his legal career, Jason received his Master’s Degree from University of Cincinnati in social work. He previously provided direct services to “at risk” children and understands the trauma and mental health issues involved in these types of cases. Jason began his legal career as a prosecutor where he tried hundreds of cases both before a judge and jury.  After leaving the Prosecutor’s Office he transitioned into providing criminal defense services for crimes such as DUI, criminal damage, assault (domestic violence) and theft.  Collectively, his experience and education are an excellent complement to the practice of family law. More

Case Highlights
  • Saving a business. Jason represented Wife/Mother who owned a successful business throughout the marriage. Husband after 12 years of marriage filed for divorce whereby he asserted a claim for community interest and wanted Wife to sell the business to obtain his interest. Jason successfully utilized a forensic accountant and business valuator to illustrate that the business interest of Husband had been fairly compensated during the marriage and therefore was not entitled to additional compensation. Jason was also able to successfully have the business awarded to Wife for a favorable value, which allowed for a good property equalization result.
  • Saving a child. Jason represented Husband in a post decree custody dispute that Mother had alleged that Father had abused Mother and their non-common child. As a result of the allegations Father's parenting time access was reduced to four (4) hours supervised. When Father came to Jason his parenting time had been reduced for almost 18 months. Jason successfully moved the matter to trial whereby the Court reversed the temporary orders and awarded Father equal access and joint custody. Jason was also successful in getting Father sole custody with limited access for mother over the next 12 months. As a result, the child went from having several behavioral and emotional problems to thriving at home, school and in the community.
  • Obtained reversal of a bad ruling. Jason was retained by Husband after trial where the Court had ruled against Father in just about every category including depriving Husband of his sole and separate property. Jason was successful in obtaining a new trial. During the new trial the Court amended the prior order to grant Father two homes and property he had obtained to build a marital residence. This resulted in Husband obtaining significant property value that he would have been deprived of receiving otherwise.
  • Protected Father's rights. Jason was retained by Father in a paternity matter whereby Mother wanted to relocate to California. Jason immediately filed a paternity action in Arizona and contemporaneously Mother filed in California. Jason challenged California's jurisdiction and requested a hearing under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act ("UCCJEA"). After briefing and two hearings that included a joint hearing between the Arizona and California Court, Jason successfully kept the case in Arizona and preserve Father's rights in the process. As a result Father obtained a very favorable position moving forward in determining access and child support.
  • Saving trust fund. Jason represented a client contemplating marriage. The client had received millions of dollars from her family over the years that were held in a trust. Jason successfully drafted and negotiated a prenuptial agreement that protected the client's interest and ensured the money held in her Trust would always remain her sole and separate property.
  • Getting a waste claim. Jason was retained by a client who's Husband had recently filed for divorce. Wife raised concerns that Husband had been having an affair. Jason engaged in aggressive discovery that resulted in uncovering evidence that Husband had spent more than $30,000.00 over the last two years supporting and vacationing with another woman. Jason was able to get reimbursement for Wife in addition to obtaining a favorable property division through mediation.
Professional Experience
  • Member of the State Bar of Arizona
  • Member of the Maricopa County Bar Association
  • Past Chair of the Family Law Section
  • Past Chair of the Legislative Committee
  • Past president and member of the Arizona Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
  • Active in the Maricopa County Behavior Health Board
  • Active with the Maricopa County Domestic Violence Shelters
  • Appointed to serve as Judge Pro Tempore in the Maricopa County Superior Court
  • Temporarily cover a court calendar when a Judge is not available
  • Provide mediation services for cases preparing for trial
  • Appointed as a Parenting Coordinator for the Maricopa County Superior Court.
  • Appointed as Court Advisor for the Maricopa County Superior Court
Client Testimonials
  • "In 2012 my first and only child was born. My son's mother and I were not together to begin with and she did not want me to be a part of his life. I began my fight for custody and parental rights with an attorney who I'm sorry to say did not make my case a priority. After 3-4 months of not getting anywhere, I decided to go another direction as far as representation was concerned. Family friends, one being a partner and health care law attorney at a prominent firm and his wife being a Maricopa County Judge, referred me to Mr. Jason B. Castle. Jason gladly took on my case and began working vigorously and diligently to help me get custody of my son. My son's mother brought up allegations referring to substance use and unjust accusations of incapability's of being a good father. After discrediting those unjustified allegations and fighting for what was right on my behalf, I now have 50% Decision Making Authority and was awarded a gradually increased schedule originally having no parenting time to, as of November 1, 2013, having 50% Parenting Time as well. With Jason's help I will soon have complete 50% Custody as was intended. I would recommend Mr. Castle to any parent who is looking to gain parenting time and decision making time in regards to an unruly or unjust co-parenting situation. Jason not only helped in my fight to gain custody but guided me down a straight path towards better parenting and co-parenting as well. I am very grateful for all he has done and hiring him to represent me was the best choice I could have made." -B.J.W.
  • "I have worked with Jason Castle for the past year while he represented me in a custody matter.Jason's in depth knowledge of child custody laws and attention to details were a key reason why I was successful in this matter. His ability to keep a tremendous amount of focus on my goals and expectations throughout, what often times, can be an emotional process, was key to this success. Jason was always prepared to take complicated topics, laws and/or strategy and "simplify" it so that I could make informed and timely decisions. Thank you Jason!" -SMA
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