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Estate Planning

Estate Planning Attorneys

AZ estate planning attorney We help preserve the wealth that is created to benefit our clients, their family, and succeeding generations. All the while focusing to minimize tax liabilities and protect against the unexpected.  Estate planning decisions are complex, and often, emotional decisions. Our experienced estate planning attorneys listen fully to our client's wishes and compose estate planning documents that fulfill and honor their requests.  Whether trusts, wills, powers of attorneys, living wills, or health care directives we work to avoid future legal problems and provide for others.  Special assets such as real estate, life insurance, and retirement-plan distributions are carefully considered when contemplating and creating estate plans.  If there is an unfortunate and unplanned life event such as illness or divorce, our estate planning attorneys will help to minimize the negative impact that they may create for an estate. 

Business Planning

Business planning We help preserve the wealth that business owners have created to benefit them, their family members, and succeeding generations.  They consider tax consequences, viable succession plans and funding mechanisms. Our seasoned business planning attorneys' deep understanding of estate planning and probate integrates personal objectives with business planning, guided by our client's unique objectives. 

These attorneys know how to maximize assets such as closely-held businesses, partnerships, limited liability companies, real estate, life insurance, and retirement-plan distributions. They provide advice on estate, gift and generation-skipping taxes as well as work to minimize estate taxes and exposure to the probate process.  In addition, we assist with planning charitable giving including formation of 501(c) non-profit foundations. 


Our Arizona probate and trust attorneys are prepared to counsel and represent you through the difficult issues that sometimes arise regarding administration of a trust or probate estate; appointment of a guardian or conservator for an incapacitated individual; or possible exploitation of a vulnerable adult through the Arizona courts.

These emotional and sensitive subjects are handled with empathy and understanding. Our knowledgeable probate and trust attorneys are conscientious and caring while the probate is administered, completing the process as swiftly and as economically, as possible. The probate legal services range from counseling the personal representative to opening the estate to administering the estate, from distribution of estate assets to ensuring federal and state estate taxes are properly addressed.

Probate Litigation

Phoenix az probate litigation attorney

Our Arizona probate attorneys offer legal counsel to personal representatives, beneficiaries and other interested parties in controversies regarding probate and trust administration and as well as, will contests and disputes relating to other life planning such as health care and powers of attorney.  Probate litigation may include exploitation of vulnerable adult, elder abuse and require appointment of a guardian or establishment of a conservatorship.  

Probate litigation cases typically are disputes among family members or clashes arising from a family member attempting to protect an elderly or disabled relative. However, they could include attempts to recover money and/or property from a caregiver, ‘trusted advisor’, or a significant other. These highly emotional and sensitive subjects are handled with empathy, tact and expertise by our probate attorneys.

Special Needs Planning

AZ estate planning attorney If your child or loved one is physically or mentally disabled, a supplemental needs or special needs trust (“SNT”) may be warranted. Typically there are two different types of supplemental needs or special needs trusts – a third-party or a first-party. Usually the third-party SNT is used for future planning, such as a child that has special needs and trust assets will be used to care for the child in the future. Conversely, a first-party SNT is used when the disabled person inherits money and/or property, or possibly a settlement. One of the primary uses of a SNT is to preserve assets to provide care for a disabled person while maintaining the ability to use government benefits.

Helpful Tools

  • Estate Planning Questionnaire
  • If you would like to prepare your own Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney, health care directives are available here.
  • The Secretary of State allows you to register, free of charge, both living wills and medical power of attorneys at their web site.  

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