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Financial Fraud Attorney

AZ Financial Fraud Attorney In an unusual area of expertise, financial fraud attorneys at Jaburg Wilk represent receivers and trustees who are appointed to deal with and litigate suspected land and financial fraud cases. We have worked with Arizona governmental agencies in securing and freezing any remaining company assets and assist in recovery for defrauded investors.

We have aided the trustees in liquidating over 100 real properties, with the resulting funds providing a substantial return to the defrauded investors in the Lemons and Associates case. In CSC Financial Services litigation, we represented the court appointed receiver in reorganizing an escrow company that was "out of trust" over $8 million. We are one of few law firms who have experience in Ponzi schemes and multi-level marketing scams.  Other high profile financial fraud cases where we have represented either the trustee or the receiver in the financial fraud litigation include the Ponzi scheme at Avanti Mortgage; affinity fraud at Mathon Investments, multi-level pyramid scheme at Jewelway International and American National Mortgage.  Additionally, we represented parties in The Baptist Foundation litigation, one of the largest affinity cases in Arizona.

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