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Medical Group Practice Legal Services

In today's complex healthcare environment, many physicians are looking beyond traditional medical practice and considering building and owning the facilities in which they practice medicine. Jaburg Wilk offers a comprehensive range of legal services for physician group practices, assisting clients with all of the necessary transactions and with any problems that might arise throughout the life cycle of their business. The services we provide health care entrepreneurs include, but are not limited to:

  • Practice formation, credentialing, and peer review
  • New facility development and financing
  • Practice expansion and reorganization, including joint ventures
  • Physician employment agreements, including productivity-based agreements
  • Planning for key physician retirement or disability
  • Individual physician asset risk planning and containment

We have assisted clients with the creation of many types of facilities that provide a variety of services, including general and extended care facilities, cancer treatment centers, imaging centers, and facilities that are devoted to one specific type of medical care. 

The complexity of these transactions can cause disputes to arise, frequently involving multiple parties and competing interests. Our experience in helping our clients throughout the life cycle of their practices has made us adept at resolving disputes in diverse and comprehensive areas of law, including:

  • Health Law
  • Business Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Organizational Law
  • Contract Law
  • Real Estate and Property Law
  • Commercial Law
  • Construction Law

Seek Experienced Representation

Transactional law and litigation in the business of medicine can often prove complex and contentious.  For this reason it is critical to seek legal representation from attorneys and professionals experienced in handling contracts and disputes in this highly specialized industry. 

Being successful at the business of medicine requires more than outstanding clinical skills and efficient office management.  Let our attorneys provide you with the benefit of their legal expertise and hands-on, healthcare-focused management advice.

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