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AZ Medical Facility Development

At Jaburg Wilk, we represent physicians and associated healthcare providers throughout the entire facility development process, including conceptualization, drafting, and negotiating all of the necessary transaction documents, physician employment agreements, regulatory compliance, risk management, and dispute resolution.  Our commitment to forging long-lasting relationships with our clients means that we continue our representation until the facility opens and remain available to assist our clients with any disputes or problems that may arise after the facility becomes operational. 

We are committed to providing exceptional and hands-on legal representation, counseling, and advice to physicians, practice groups, and other healthcare providers regarding a number of issues related to facility development. These matters include, but are not limited to:

  • Purchase or lease of the physical facility land or space, including both transactional and litigation support
  • Contract and other agreement drafting and negotiation, including design, construction, and equipment agreements
  • Government and regulatory compliance, including zoning, building codes and permits, disability provisions, and environmental regulations, and compliance with Medicare facility and ownership requirements
  • Contractual disputes, including those that arise with designers and contractors
  • Creation and development of joint ventures

Complex Matters

When a healthcare provider is in the process of building or developing a facility, many parties are involved who have disparate interests.  It is important to hire an attorney who understands the businesses and objectives of all of the participants in the process and the potential problems that may arise.  Our attorneys have extensive experience both in the business world and in the healthcare industry, and we provide legal services in a wide range of areas of law as each applies to the business of medicine.

In today's complex healthcare environment, being successful at the business of medicine requires more than outstanding clinical skills and efficient office management.  We can provide you with the benefit of our legal expertise and hands-on, healthcare-focused management advice.  

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