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Legal Assistance for Physicians Expanding their Practice Through Joint Ventures

Many physicians and practice groups are finding it advantageous to form joint ventures with hospitals and other non-physician organizations to expand their practice, decrease their overhead, and provide more comprehensive and cost-effective medical care to their patients.  These joint ventures and expansions are typically complex, multifaceted transactions that must be carefully negotiated to minimize the risk of business disputes and regulatory non-compliance. 

At Jaburg Wilk, we assist healthcare providers throughout Arizona with forming joint ventures and expansions, including but not limited to the following types of arrangements:

  • Physician practices merging or being absorbed by multi-physician practice groups
  • Multi-physician practice groups merging with each other
  • Joint ventures with hospitals
  • Practice groups aligning with health insurance companies to contract for particular services
  • Agreements with Management Service Organizations

In addition to assisting clients with the venture transaction itself, Jaburg Wilk provides exceptional hands-on legal representation, advice, and counseling even after the venture is underway.  Our additional services include but are not limited to:

  • Regulatory and government compliance
  • Physician employment agreements and other working relationships
  • Building code, zoning, and compliance with government codes regarding medical facilities
  • Complex dispute resolution
  • Practice risk audit and evaluation

In today's complex healthcare environment, being successful at the business of medicine requires more than outstanding clinical skills and efficient office management.  Our lawyers provide you with the benefit of our legal expertise and hands-on, healthcare-focused management advice to assist you with ventures, business transactions, and mergers with other health care providers.  

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