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AZ Medical Licensing & Discipline

Medical professionals may face legal problems that require fast and knowledgeable intervention: licensing, contractual, regulatory, malpractice, insurance, disciplinary, peer review matters, litigation, and more. Our experienced and skilled healthcare attorneys, Kraig J. Marton and Douglas Guffey, are responsive, caring professionals. They know the healthcare industry and its issues, and how to turn back legal threats to doctors, nurses and other medical providers professional well-being. 

At Jaburg Wilk, we stay atop ever-changing healthcare regulations, trends, and state and federal laws to help manage risk, prosper, and stay out of trouble. If, personal or professional trouble arises, we stand ready to advocate with dispatch, passion, and savvy.

From managed-care contracts to professional audits, from license-revocation proceedings to vigorous malpractice defense, medical professionals have counted on Jaburg Wilk's healthcare lawyers to help them survive and thrive in today's heavily regulated healthcare environment.

Professional Boards

The administrative law attorneys at Jaburg Wilk have successfully represented professionals at administrative hearings and proceedings before these agencies and licensing boards:

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