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Productivity-Based Physician Employment Agreements

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Productivity-Based Agreements

A growing trend in the healthcare industry is to implement physician employment agreements that are based not on a predetermined salary but instead on productivity. In a productivity-based agreement, a doctor generally earns a base level salary that is bolstered by incentives and bonuses based on productivity over a specified period. Productivity bonuses can be calculated in a variety of ways, including the number of patient encounters or a percentage of the profits that doctor earns. Douglas Guffey - healthcare law attorney - assists physicians, practice groups, and healthcare facilities with the drafting, negotiation, and re-negotiation of physician employment agreements.

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For a practice to run smoothly, and to prevent future disputes from arising, physicians must have a clear understanding of the terms of their employment contracts and the structure upon which their bonuses are calculated. Our healthcare attorneys assist physicians with negotiating fair and unambiguous agreements,.  They assist medical practice groups and medical facilities with developing their standard employment agreements and modifying them to address special circumstances. 

In today's complex healthcare environment, being successful at the business of medicine requires more than outstanding clinical skills and efficient office management.  Our experienced healthcare attorneys provide not only their legal expertise but also hands-on, healthcare-focused management advice.

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