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Inspiration Matters, So Don’t Lose Yours

Inspiration can hit you anytime. When it does, you know it instantly. Many times, the timing is inconvenient. When this happens, you have to take steps to not lose that inspiration.

It happens to me frequently and at different times! It can be in the middle of the night, when I’m at my desk working, when I’m in a conversation, or at what is likely a very inconvenient time. When inspiration hits, I use the Notes app on my phone. Pen and paper will work, but your phone is with you all the time. You want access to those thoughts and the Notes app provides easy access. If I don’t write down my thoughts at the time they come to me, I usually lose them. That’s right, my moment of brilliance is lost, possibly forever.

Just know you need to record your thoughts when the inspiration hits, but then also revisit them. If not, the time you took to write them down will be wasted. Find a way to remind yourself to revisit inspiring thoughts when you have the time to really think them through. Otherwise, you risk not acting on the thoughts that deserve further consideration and action. Don’t lose that fantastic thing that popped into your brain.

If you don’t record your inspiration, it is like being a musician who didn’t record that melody that came into their head and thereby lost a possible hit. Or what if you are an author and you lose a great plot twist for the book you’re writing. We all have an equivalent masterpiece inspirational thought related to what we do for a living. Figuring out the steps you can take to make sure you do not lose your inspiration hopefully will prevent you losing your equivalent of a number one hit or best-selling book.

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