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JW Way Fundamental #15: Treasure, Protect, and Promote our Reputation 
“We’re all caretakers and beneficiaries of the firm’s image and reputation at all times and all situations. Consider how your actions affect our collective reputation, and act in a way that brings honor to the firm. Remember, you are always an ambassador of our firm.” 

We should treasure our firm’s reputation the same way we would care for a special relationship.  When that relationship is healthy and strong, it gives back exponentially.  So too does a reputation that has been fostered with intentional goodwill to our clients, the community and each other.  As a result, visitors to our firm can sense that there is something different about the way business is done here.  It could be how kindness is always prevalent. 

The firm’s image requires protection so that it can continue to have a positive impact upon our clients and community.  This requires each and every person within our firm to keep the fundamentals in mind at the office and outside in our daily life.  Each of us can sully another’s impression of us by just being less than pleasant at the grocery store or how we treat those less fortunate.  Therefore, keep in mind fundamentals – Be respectful and don’t be a jerk.

There could be a time when our reputation is all we have and it relies upon our individual integrity.  Zig Ziglar said “Integrity gives you real freedom because you have nothing to fear since you have nothing to hide.”  Of late, we have seen the stark evidence of lives without integrity every time we receive news alerts about the most recent scandal.  In addition to their personal lives affected, their professional relationships are forever changed – if not completely destroyed.  It is important to keep our Fundamental Act with Integrity in both our professional and personal lives to safeguard and protect our reputations. 

About the Author: Stephanie Zink is a legal assistant at the law firm of Jaburg Wilk where she assists in our construction law department.

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