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JW Way Fundamental #27: Don’t take yourself too seriously  “Maintain a healthy perspective on your work and professional life. There are more important things going on in the world than your daily challenges. And remember to have fun. Fun renews our spirit, keeps us energized, and helps us think more clearly. “

We work in a serious profession, and we are often doing very serious work. We exist to serve clients profitably, and they come to us for outstanding legal advice on serious and important matters. Many people who come to us are dealing with problems in their family, personal life, or business life. What we do for them has a great impact on them, and may have far-reaching consequences. In other words, we do serious work. That does not mean we have to take everything we do and everyone we do it with too seriously.

Think of it this way, we all know someone in our lives who takes themselves way too seriously. They do not know how to joke, have fun, relax, or lighten up. They have limited or no perspective. We know those people take themselves seriously. Do you take them that seriously? I bet not.

When we take time to work fun into our jobs and into our life, we are better, more productive and happier. Many of you have heard me muttering under my breath “I love this job” (often with a telltale adjective thrown in somewhere). And you know what, I really do. In part because I have a talented, supportive, and fun group all around me that helps me have that attitude.

So, make room for a little fun in your life. When you encounter someone – who is taking themselves too seriously – do not be afraid to lighten up the mood a bit. They may even thank you for it. Consider if you are being that person. I know it is sometimes hard to be able to laugh at yourself or the situation. I close with two quotes from experts in having fun and not taking yourself too seriously:

“Adults are obsolete children”- Dr. Seuss

“Lighten up, Thomas.” – Doug Moring

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