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What Can You Learn to Help You Do What you Do?

I read a good quote recently, actually in an email from a friend to other managers in a fantasy football league I am in.  Of course it might have been part of some smack talk that was going on, but it brought to mind a truth: continuous learning and training makes for a better and more interesting work place.

The quote is “Everyone is born a genius, but the process of living de-geniuses them.”  It is by Buckminster Fuller, who I am not too familiar with, but I think it is correct on many levels.  We all have potential, but realizing takes work.  We all know intelligent people who are disinterested in learning or otherwise do not apply themselves.

The time to step up is now! It is the new year (yes, I realize it already is February!). Come up with a plan. What should you learn? Well that depends on what you do and what will help you do what you do. The first step you should take is to figure something out, whether reading a business networking book, to taking a course online or at a local community college. The options are endless.

But the right choice is to do something and stop the de-genius process!

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