Estate Planning

Estate planning encompasses more than just preparing a will. It includes traditional estate planning documents such as a will and trust. And, it also is about being prepared for life’s unexpected moments by having financial and medical powers of attorney in place, not only for yourself but other family members. It is about transitioning children into adulthood and preparing for new chapters.

These decisions can be complex, and often, are emotional decisions. Our experienced estate planning attorneys listen fully to our clients’ wishes to create estate planning documents that fulfill and honor their requests. Using trusts, wills, powers of attorney, living wills, or health care directives, we work to avoid future legal problems and provide for others. Special assets such as real estate, life insurance, and retirement-plan distributions are carefully considered when contemplating and creating estate plans. While no one plans for an illness or divorce, our estate planning attorneys help minimize the negative impact with interim planning. To begin the process, securely complete our Estate Planning Questionnaire.

One of the primary reasons high-wealth individuals create estate plans is to help preserve wealth that is created to benefit our clients, their family, and succeeding generations. At the same time their plans are focused to minimize tax liabilities and protect against the unexpected. Our estate planning attorneys are proficient with generation-skipping trusts for grandchildren, charitable gifting and charitable foundation formation.