Medical Practice Dispute Resolution

In addition to our transactional work, we also manage litigation and alternative dispute resolution, and even coordinate the public relations aspects of complex or high-profile disputes. Transactions between healthcare providers, insurance companies, and medical professionals typically involve many parties with competing interests. Should a dispute arise, it is critical to seek representation from professionals who understand the health care business and the unique values that are important to physicians and other health care providers.

We represent our clients in many kinds of disputes, including:

  • Disputes between physicians
  • Disputes between physicians and healthcare facilities
  • Employment agreement disputes
  • Contract disputes, including those involving purchase and sale of property and equipment
  • Lease disputes
  • Construction disputes that arise during the development and building of a facility
  • Consultants in medical malpractice cases for defense attorneys

Although our firm is capable of handling many disputes using our own attorneys, when special expertise is needed, we use our resources to bring the best available legal talent from other firms to bear on our clients’ needs, and manage these external engagements to produce cost-effective results.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

In addition to conducting and managing trial litigation, we believe it is important to attempt to resolve disputes using various forms of alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation and arbitration. By utilizing alternative dispute resolution, we can help our clients resolve disputes as quickly, amicably, and cost-effectively as possible.