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Barrio House Painting – March 2023

On a brisk spring morning, employees of Jaburg Wilk and their families participated in the New City Phoenix’s 2023 Spring Painting Blitz.  Frequent supporters of this program, this is the eleventh home that Jaburg Wilk has painted in the eight years that they have been supporting The Barrio Nuevo Program.   This is just the second time that they have been able to do this in-person event since the 2020 pandemic.  They were very excited to paint the house to help renew this neighborhood.

Founded by David Bennett, New City Phoenix has Barrio Nuevo Program community volunteers paint homes of low income and elderly families in South Phoenix. In eleven years, the organization has painted hundreds of homes in marginalized and under resourced neighborhoods. In addition to transforming neighborhoods, the organization helps develop leaders as well as investing in youth education. 

spring paint 2


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